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    1. Scot says:

      Got this message today from 290-213-7631.   "I saw ur vehicle on cars.com, is d ad still valid,get bak 2me on my personal email (icemondo2@yahoo.com)  4 further correspondence. Gary Mc"

    2. Gerardo says:

      Keeps calling, sometimes late as 730 PM, won't leave message.

    3. Numbers says:

      Couple of calls that went to voicemail.  Hangups.

    4. Daren says:

      Received call was told that my computer was sending out error messages and they could help fix the problem by remote access to my computer. This is the second call from these people.

    5. Jonah says:

      Can u please stopping calling. My home phone I answer the phone all I get is a fax beep please stop

    6. Darryl says:

      Did not answer. Do not know anyone from this #. Considered SPAM.

    7. Demetrius says:

      It is a scam Nathaniel Smith is what he is going by.

    8. Kendrick says:

      Hi, this number called my cell phone at 9pm, did not answer, did not recognize, stop calling

    9. Ben says:

      Just got a call from Focus. Can hear people but no one says anything as of yet. I have my coach whistle here for the next time they call. If they want something they would either say something or leave a message when I can't get to the phone. Losers with nothing better to do I guess.

    10. Darius says:

      Received a call from this no# at 3 am - - called back and message is in spanish.

    11. Kris says:

      They used to call everyday in the morning and i have no idea who this company is.Now they call every few days and leave a blank one second voicemail. Or an automated recording

    12. Clifford says:

      I only buy used cars so these people r just calling randomly

    13. Jame says:

      Called and started to say I won something. Hung up

    14. Stanton says:

      I was almost scamed myself.  I gave that girl the money and she left. Then i waitted for a while and nothing.  Then i called her many times but no answer. When i left, i started driving down 37th. and 112 street when i saw her get out of a silver Infinity QX56 with dark tints. She saw me and went right back into the truck. I then got in front of the truck and called the cops. A light skin guy came out and said he was her driver and that he didn't know anything. I told him that i will let the police arrive if they dont give me back my money. He then told her to give it back and then i left.  I went around the block and saw them leave. I should have gotten those plates! He had no plates on the fornt of his car but i am sure he had back plates.

    15. Eric says:

      Just changed my number and keep getting calls from this number...they leave no vm.