412-719 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Edwardo says:

      These people are begining to be very threatening with there phone calls several times daily I'm begining to fear for my life please make them stop.

    2. Noble says:

      I have blocked this number

    3. Orval says:

      Call came in at 7:00 Houston, TX Hung up when answered.

    4. Keith says:

      Dont have no name so I dont want it.

    5. Kieth says:

      I got a call from someone who left a voice mail message on my business phone.  He called me by my first name. He said his name was Brad Motry. I've never heard of him.  His call did not identify a business purpose or any reason why he was calling, and the only message he left was for me to call him back at (312) 675-0556.

    6. Curtis says:

      Spanish speaking, keeps calling, when I answer recorded spanish speaking and no on comes on.  Calling all hours of the day.  I do not speak spanish and want these calls to stop, annoying .

    7. Mariano says:

      I got a call from this number at 7am - I didn't recognize it so I didn't pick it up. The caller did not leave a message. I tried calling them back and it did ring until the inbox message stated "the person you have called cannot be reached" then again in Spanish, but no way to leave a voicemail.

    8. Linwood says:

      i told this magazine company to put me on there do not call list-it will do you no good, i told them this in july of 08, and they still call me, so i got on the do not call list.gov, wwwdotnotcall.gov.

    9. Faustino says:

      Received an obscene picture message w/music from this number on my cell phone.

    10. Warner says:

      harrasing texts, dont know who this is or why they keep doing this.

    11. Fredric says:

      any luck?  My phone was stolen and all calls forwarded to this number.  Thanks.

    12. Allen says:

      Scam This guy claimed to be somekind of lawyer he left a automated voice message to hide his accent yeah my Apple can do that to lol called my wife phone so i caled back and asked for this Justin and when I started explaining they were a scam they hung up on me so then I called back about ten times and got hung up on so if you receive any calls from this number 209-624-8723 or 24,22,21,26,25 Disreguard this number or just call and have fun

    13. Tyrell says:


    14. Alejandro says:

      "BOULDER VALLEY CU ALERT: Your CARD starting with 4492 has been DEACTIVATED. Please call: 303-808-5637." I don't bank in Colorado.

    15. Alphonse says:

      This number keeps calling and it is very irritating.