412-463 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 412-463-0279
  • 412-463-0280
  • 412-463-0281
  • 412-463-0282
  • 412-463-0283
  • 412-463-0284
  • 412-463-0285
  • 412-463-0286
  • 412-463-0287
  • 412-463-0288
  • 412-463-0289
  • 412-463-0290
  • 412-463-0291
  • 412-463-0292
  • 412-463-0293
  • 412-463-0294
  • 412-463-0295
  • 412-463-0296
  • 412-463-0297
  • 412-463-0298
  • 412-463-0299
  • 412-463-0300
  • 412-463-0301
  • 412-463-0302
  • 412-463-0303
  • 412-463-0304
  • 412-463-0305
  • 412-463-0306
  • 412-463-0307
  • 412-463-0308
  • 412-463-0309

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    1. Barrett says:

      my phone rings and their is no one there, but I hear people in the background.  This lasted for a long while., plus yesterday that same no. called and on my voicemail it was the same thing, i.e. people talking in background, but not on phone...tried to call the no. after they finally hung up to see whats going on, but no answer.  the phone just kept ringing..

    2. Tobias says:

      caller speaking Spanish.

    3. Ashley says:

      I just had this same problem when I switched from an Env2 (which I was using verizon's email client on) to a blackberry.  The problem is that the email client (OZMAIL) is still trying to send you emails to your phone, but you don't have the email client on the new phone.  

    4. Paul says:

      Re. "I done need or want to PROVE that its discover card", you did state "it really is discover calling" on 7 Feb 2013 above. That helps to "prove" this number is legit (and it is NOT).

    5. Phil says:

      LEO CALL CENTER http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/leo

    6. Lucio says:

      I know this man and I will tell all of you that you need to be ware of him...He has stalked me and harrassed me for months now, and for some reason refuses to get help. I met him on a dating site and he turned crazy so just beware of doing business with him and try not to really come in contact with him, because once he has your number, ect...he will try to destroy you, which has led to a possible arrest. Thank you

    7. Lino says:

      i don't think so ... he peruses online resumes for sales agents - co. has BBB accr.

    8. Elvin says:

      Received this call this am. and Said reduce or remove back taxes. said Obama can reduce.  Called back and got a telemarketer.

    9. Lonny says:

      must be spam or a crank call if you answer no one says anything

    10. Peter says:

      Spam. Calls multiple times a day (mostly a woman with a foreign accent) asking for person in charge of Nipsco bill. I think offering lower rates. Couldn't understand her.

    11. Jeremy says:

      Called again this morning after 3 times yesterday...says nothing, time to report.

    12. Timmy says:

      they call about Alzheimer disease and diabetes. I have nothing to do with either. so much for the national do not call list.

    13. Mack says:

      2 calls on 5/24, dead silence and no answer or message. Called the number back and says it is disconnected.

    14. Renato says:

      Some spanish speaking company! I don't know any spanish at all!

    15. Gaston says:

      i got one text saying i won a 1000 dollar gift card