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    1. Jonathan says:

      Called me e time and hung up

    2. Taylor says:

      I don't know this number and they call at all times of the day and night!

    3. Dallas says:

      He's a jerk. He's called me numerous Times and never showed

    4. Hoyt says:

      didnt want nothing from him

    5. Randolph says:

      It isn't a telemarketer, it's a computer trying to scam you by getting your credit card number. I've been getting calls from it for a year or so and every call sounds more and more like a real person. A year ago the caller sounded like a computer, now it sounds like a human voice and the computer knows how to respond to what you say (or don't say). When I answered it introduced itself as "James from Valient Security" and asked how I was doing. I didn't say anything so it said "Hello, are you there?" then 2 seconds later hung up.

    6. Theron says:

      Anthem college annoying will not stop calling

    7. Jeramy says:

      Keep calling. No message.

    8. Tommy says:

      Asking for money like he ain't got any...

    9. Wilbur says:

      Im about to get another number im sick of these people calling me saying i signed up for somthing

    10. Bob says:

      got text and several people have called

    11. Horace says:

      ** Called the guy, connection was bad and hard to understand.  Just wanted me to send information about what he emailed about.  It would be shipped out of the country, South Africa scam style.

    12. Stanley says:

      a real human picked up and said something about an online survey i recently took, i told him i don't remember anything about taking a survey and he hung up.

    13. Rupert says:

      They are a research company and don't quit!

    14. Ahmed says:

      Got a SMS at 5:21AM from this and another number advertising Chase loans for twohourcash.com. Also got this identical message from another number immediately. I want these to stop. I don't give my number out and am onthe Do Not Call Registry, how do they get/use it? How can I stop it?

    15. Miguel says:

      muslim from russian government saying i won money i dont have to pay back. when i said this is a scam he hung up