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    1. Christopher says:

      SCAM. They hung up on me when I started asking questions instead if giving answers. They asked about my car warranty.

    2. Eugenio says:

      My mother got a call from this guy today. He said his name is Kevin and that he works for Microsoft and that all of her personal information is open on the internet. He called twice today and she said that she was going to wait for me to get home. He said he would call again.

    3. Thad says:

      After reporting Telemarket troubles from another number, this number started calling me. 224-220-3252. I belive the Gov is passing these telemarketeers to your number after you complaint about them. (10-2012)

    4. Seymour says:

      Just got a unwanted call 2092201976

    5. Sammy says:

      Spam says it was health care

    6. Jude says:

      salvador valdez STALKS PROSTITES ON BACKPAGE.

    7. Olin says:

      They keep calling even though I have asked them not to call many times

    8. Jesse says:

      Same number called my land line on March 11th and 12th. No message was left either time.

    9. Josiah says:

      Still early in morning and have already received 2 calls. Answered first one, no response, 2nd one I didn't answer. Left no message on machine. How many more times they going to call?

    10. Donnell says:

      texts saying i sent a blank slide show. i did not.

    11. Sid says:

      Talk about a crazy company this vision. They had been calling my work cell for about two months. I have had this same number now for 8 years, Every time I answered it sounded like a fax but without any real noise or anyone talking. I tried calling back one time and got no one but today was my day. I finally got someone to talk too. Of course I was pretty fired up since this had been going on for some time now so I wanted to know what this was about. They kept telling me they were looking for some guy that I had no clue who he was. I wanted to know more but I was not getting anything from them to what this is. Now I was pissed but what got me was how the agent started to talk to me in such a disrespectful manner and hung up on me after calling me something. Now I was no saint on the phone but there are limits to how you talk to people. I called back to talk to another agent to make sure they understood I wanted to be removed from the list and make sure they understood that talking to me in this matter was not acceptable but again there this agent blew me Wright off and hung up. So now fired up like I was I called back in to talk to someone else or get an address to mail a letter or something about this. It makes no sense that they were calling my phone for 2 months and I’m the bad guy now. I wanted To make sure someone looks into the way they talk to people. So a new person answers and again there this person claims to be a supervisor now which was bull. I wanted to get info to who I was dealing with as a company and were I could mail a letter of discontent with them. She proceeded to bully me on the phone and tell me that is was none of my concerns and to stop calling and assured me that my number was removed. What a company, what great employees to talk to people this way. Let’s see what happens now.

    12. Aron says:

      They are calling in DIRECT VIOLATION of the DO NOT CALL LIST!! If you give them your account number from your Electric Bill they will SLAM you over to their company without your approval.. The government had to step in when the Phone companies did this years ago and now they NEED to do it with these companies and fine them HEAVILY for EVERY CALL VIOLATION so it doesn't pay them to do this!!!!! They also call from 347-502-2584 and well as quite a few other 347-502 #'s. REPORT EVERY ONE!!

    13. Bobby says:

      Received a text about a free Best Buy gift card by going to www.myfreeoffersite.com within 48 hours.

    14. Dewayne says:

      Text: horrible things about conviction

    15. Kristopher says:

      got a text this evening thought tt was related to charges I made on card for Nasau Coliseum in Long Island. Recorded message says my debit card is locked, don't have a debit card. Called Master Card they checked and said # is a fraud. Either way they got my cell # and made the call. Don't give private info to unauthorized unsolicited calls/texts.