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    1. Connie says:

      Telemarketers intro-ing as handling your yellowpages ad......call will progress into a recruiting call for the Mormom Church

    2. Willie says:

      nueva ring or something about filing a claim.

    3. Enoch says:

      This number has been calling our phone day and night and no one is there.  I called back and it says all our agents are busy.  No name nothing and of course no one comes to the phone. Always worried someone has taken one of those false numbers you can get of the internet to check to see if your at home how in the world are we to know?

    4. Caleb says:

      I also have reported them to the BBB and other various agencies.  They tie up 5 of our business lines at the same time and threaten employees and curse at employees.  The person they are looking for does not even work here anymore!

    5. Donovan says:

      Kareem Hadad Mel Hambelton

    6. Kurt says:

      I'm also on the do-not-call-registry for mobile and home. I'm now receiving this spam on my iphone. Did not answer it, but it's really annoying that they have my cell number. I've been getting the same message on our land line a couple times a week for months.

    7. Lamont says:

      called and only rang three times. no voicemail left. don't know what they want..

    8. Horace says:

      Yes, I agree with Jim. It is from citibank credit centre.

    9. Glenn says:

      keep calling, but no one answers, as if waiting to be connected.

    10. Ward says:

      The call came at 12:04 a.m.The message was, "How r u"

    11. Spencer says:

      Hahah! I looked up the # then realized it was my friend adam calling me from work. Wow it's pretty funny reading your paranoid comments on here. Yes the guy's the name is Adam and his partner is Roosevelt. They started an insurance company called Sunset Plaza Insurance. I told him not to use that co. name. Whatever. Yes they procure lists like all major insurance companies. Who knows where your name originally came from. Yes they do their own calls, so no it's not unusual to get a hold of the "manager". What's so wierd about that, every guy at a kiosk is the manager! Well before I ramble on - that's the story. It's no scam, he's helped several of my friends get legit insurance. And the tard above didn't leave the right website

    12. Merle says:

      I don't accept call from this number.

    13. Julian says:

      Block your phone number so you can get pass the recording and get to a live person...It is time to harass them back... I get every hour on the hour calls from them, time to give to them what they give to us..

    14. Newton says:

      called and asked me what time i wanted my koala bear ..

    15. Osvaldo says:

      Pinnacle financial. Automated.