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    1. Rodney says:

      Repeated calls at various times of day.  Computer generated voice saying my car warranty has expired.  I called back and left a message.  Now the number is busy.  This has been going on for a couple of years.  by the way, what is wrong with 17026584521?  That is the way my Vonage service lists the number.  You have some sort of special format??

    2. Orville says:

      scam!!! they keep calling at least 6 times already and its only 1:00 p.m.!!!!!!!

    3. Curtis says:

      creditor calling for Denise Deberry

    4. Grover says:

      I received a text message from this number, saying Apple is looking for peple to test &n keep the IPAD 3! But onlythe first 1000 serious usersthat goto http://serious-prises.com and enter the code BETA will receive it.

    5. Dick says:

      Freedom Ring Communications are Scammers that try to steal your identity when they call you from their Maine phone number 207-493-2647

    6. Laverne says:

      BEWARE!!!!! This is a scam about government grants. who ever heard of depositing money into western union account to receive your grant money? Complete scam

    7. Brock says:

      I got the an email about a tech position but i did my homework and found that this mohamad guy is probably not ligit. The company he was hunting for he was claiming to be Johnson & Johnson but after doing some investigating it was not J&J after all. Do your HOMEWORK befor handing out your info to anyone online. No matter how desperate you might be!

    8. Christopher says:

      Call from this number every afternoon...will not answer when call picked up.  A real nuisance.

    9. Boyd says:

      Does anybody else getting calls from this number?

    10. Millard says:

      did not pick up the phone because of the 126-039 - never heard of such numbers in the USA. Seconds before this call was a call from 888-355-7209, no message left from either number

    11. Randall says:

      Same number auto dials for several different telemarketing scams.  I got 8 calls from this number today starting at 8:05am until now at 7:09pm - the first played a recording to do some type of credit card debt reduction (scam), the rest were for mortgage modification or mortgage forgiveness scams.

    12. Tony says:

      Stop abbusing the system if i need a life insurance, i will look into it thru my exisiting agent.you are annoying my

    13. Shayne says:

      Stop calling my phone sharita I'm doing my grown woman thing

    14. Monty says:

      Credit card rate offers...every time I answer these calls, which come from various different area codes I push 1 to talk to someone & tell them to take me off there call list I get hung up on!! This does nothing but make me very angry!!

    15. Glen says:

      Just got this call with unknown name. I answered it to stop the ringer and my hello was greeted with a mumbled male voice "hello, call me back" very quickly. They then very promptly hung up.