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    1. Grant says:

      I got 4 calls at 12:18 am and several texts this is the text Convo :Them:This is the wonton driver answer the phoneMe:Idk who this is but you have the wrong number, Don't call again or I will report you to the authorities Them: whatever Who is this does anyone know?!?!

    2. Edgar says:

      I have had 3 missed calls from this number in less than an hour. They did not leave a message and will not answer.

    3. Damon says:

      This is a call that leaves no message and I don't who it is.  Never got a call from them before.

    4. Dewey says:

      You may want to check with the Credit Bureaus under your daughter's SSN. She may be the victim of identity theft. The caller is a debt collector so if they have her name associated with a debt, there is something seriously wrong.

    5. Clyde says:

      Hello all I would like to welcome you to the next Zeitgeist New Yourk City Chapter meeting, and I would like to thank you all for helping to raise awareness about the need for a change to a more intelligent, organized, cooperative, humane, and sustainable approach to human civilization. The meeting will be at Sony Atrium Oct 12th, Friday, 6:30pm 550 Madison (between 55th and 56th, if you enter from the 55th entrance we will be to the right) Please call Jose Garcia 917.396.8225 or Mike Fortenberry 347 393 8991 Agenda: Next Town Hall: One Planet Project: Zeitgeist college tour: Helping the larger community as a means of meeting people to receive our message: Other new ideas about getting the message out:

    6. Alvaro says:

      I have been receiving harassing calls from the "Anderson Law Firm" from this #...

    7. Harris says:

      One call after another. No message. telemarketing message came on when tried calling back. I hung up and the calls kept coming.

    8. Glen says:

      I meant they handle late payments

    9. Britt says:

      They had deals for home owners in our area

    10. Mike says:

      got a call from 140-930-2602 this number

    11. Duane says:

      stuff about money debt stupid recorded message

    12. Edwin says:

      received a call answered and always asking for my husband's name - I THOUGHT WHO EVER IS CALLING WANTS TO KNOW IF THAT PERSON LIVES THERE

    13. Lowell says:

      I had my cell phone carrier block the original number they called from about 12 times a day,, all hours of the day,, Now they are calling from this number ,, I like the idea of the police , I think i will set an appointment with them as well,, if enough of us do this maybe they will stop,, this is insane,, all these calls after telling them time and time again NO

    14. Jamie says:

      called me also. i had been warned before so i was ready. caller asked if i had a security system. i told them no and asked if they would hold on a min. put the phone down with the reciever facing up. grabbed my remington 870 tactical 12ga and racked a shell into the chamber about 2 inches from the phone. told them to come on over. they hung up. that was alot of fun. =-)

    15. Bobbie says:

      I picked up, they didn't even say anything.