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    1. Johnathan says:

      automated voice telling me I can lower my interest rate as long as 1 account is in good standing, if they are not calling from that exact bank, then wtf?

    2. Brian says:

      Just called looking for my father played it like they were a friend asked for his cell. I got jays number instead since it showed up as a private caller. He started confirming numbers and if he found a job etc. Sooo you put it together.

    3. Enrique says:

      plz.stop this no.+4049 call me and uni nor company se that call me for you win to 25 lacs Rs  and information by my account number so plz.stop this no. +4049

    4. Walker says:

      Got a call from this number, answered and it hung up. It called again and I declined it. been silent since.

    5. Samuel says:

      Recording saying that I am past due on a credit card. But I don't own one.

    6. Desmond says:

      About homeowner Insurance

    7. Eldridge says:

      I received a call from 1408943200 claiming that calling from SBI credit card!. The caller called in Hindi and he even knows my name!. I just hung up the phone

    8. Orlando says:

      I have been getting calls ever 1/2 hour on my cell phone from 8:30 am - 3:00 pm so finally I called the number back. It is a financial institution to help lower debt and if you press 9, you can be taken off the list well I pressed 9 and it went to a busy signal. I texted this number to tell them to quite calling and that I was going to file a complaint with do not call list - So let's see if they call back

    9. Randell says:

      Got a call on my cell at 11:34 this morning.  I live in FL.  Does KY have a way to report nuisance/unwanted calls?  Some states do.

    10. Colby says:

      Same here. Im reporting him for harassment. Get a job you f'n looser

    11. Dante says:

      A call, I do not answer calls I do not know of. If important, they can leave a message but did not.

    12. Josue says:

      Oh my gosh - just received a call.

    13. Garret says:

      It was some kind of telephone survey

    14. Kieth says:

      ok i've been getting the same message. I called back from work which is private and no answer just this is wendy leave a message.

    15. Chet says:

      This number texted me saying he was interested in a dirt bike i have for sale on Kijiji. He said he had to pay through paypal due to his nature of work "cause i'm a marine vet crop" He claimed his name was "jonny"