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    1. Rudolph says:

      I only use my cell phone and I continue to get calls from these anoying callers who oddly enough never leave a voice mail or if they do Its a recording of an 800/866 number and an extension of what ever. I don't answer phone calls if its unknown or a number I don't recall. I have a ring tone for such callers and when I hear "bi*** allert" I know that it is not some one I know and don't even go for it. I just wish that someone would do something about it or them to stop calling and leaving a detailed message of what they want!

    2. Chas says:


    3. Darell says:

      Yep, I got the same call today 8/24 12:25pm. I didn't answer, as I was busy with something else, whoever Cypres Thierry is they did not leave a message but hung up.This is the second weird phone call in two days since switching to Time Warner phone service. I sincerely hope this is not to continue.

    4. Teodoro says:

      This is from a debt collector.  They left someone else's name that owes a debt and give an 866 number to call back.  They use a local number trying to trick people to answer.  What a scam.

    5. Emmanuel says:

      My caller ID showed this number.

    6. Stacey says:

      ...strange robot voice telling me that they are at "alert level 4" .....strange....

    7. Lanny says:

      Got a call from this number tonight - tried a reverse phone lookup on 411.com and it said it's a landline but that's all that came up.  Called back and got a female voice on the answering machine (after a few rings) that didn't mention a name.

    8. Riley says:

      Wrong number and keeps calling for Dave

    9. Clinton says:

      They'd just call and hang up

    10. Carl says:

      i keep getting phone calls from 210-249-1424 and 210-249-1329. dont know who they are, but if they dont stop they are gonna catch an earful.

    11. Morris says:

      Called me but did not leave a message.  Caller ID says "Angels Camp CA."  I did not attempt to call back because I did not recognize the number.

    12. Arthur says:

      This man been texting my daughter and I told him I would report it and meed his name can I get it sent to my email

    13. Clifton says:

      My caller ID says it's Diamond Alarm from Edison, New Jersey 08837 at telephone # 732-225-5790. They call me everyday but after I say Hello, they just hang up . . . It's so rude and annoying to me.

    14. Jason says:

      they ask for someone named Christopher

    15. Gayle says:

      Didn't answert they keep calling