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    1. Del says:

      getting calls to my cell phone from this same number... 678-245-4801... who is this? what do they want... they will not stop calling and don't leave a message...   when i call the number i get a message recording saying "the person i am trying to reach is not able to receive your call"...

    2. Michael says:

      The man on the line asked me my name (I could hear many other callers in the background). Then he told me that legal action was about to be taken against me, and that I may be picked up tomorrow at my work and arrested. He could not tell me specifically what the name of the company was who I owed money to, or a website name for the company. So, I told the guy I did not trust him, and I hung up the phone.

    3. Gayle says:

      Just got a call from that number - I live in Denmark.

    4. Mike says:

      just had two missed calls in a row from this number. Did not leave a message. Strange man answered and didn't know who called me.

    5. Cristopher says:

      Credit Bureau in Albany Ga

    6. Brice says:

      call on 4/27/13, no message, number not known to me

    7. Mathew says:

      called and hung up after i did not answer

    8. Bob says:

      Spam message re www.smoke700.com.

    9. Dudley says:

      Your number is currently blocked from this caller

    10. Ali says:

      yes i received a call stating i was approved for a 30,000 grant from the government . I though it was a scam. I will be doing extensive research because somebody needs to go to jail.

    11. Aaron says:

      I have received two phone calls from this organization. One in June and the most recent one yesterday, August 8. The phone calls are from Fluoride Free Kansas and this most recent phone call was about an anti-fluoridation meeting in Haysville on August 8. This is a robocall, so it's not even a real person. It's just a machine calling and SPAMMING me.

    12. Reggie says:

      This is an admissions counselor from USC. I asked for information about a Master degree and a counselor called me from this number.

    13. Rubin says:

      They called my cell but did not leave a msg.

    14. Charlie says:

      she wont stoo and it lags up my phone

    15. Orville says:

      Received two phone calls now- ignored both, unknown number. How the heck are these people getting our numbers?