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    1. Bryon says:

      I keep getting a  phone call from 213.261.0031 regarding my social security. Like I was going to give it to them! I ask the name of the company they are calling me from. The lady who answer told me there was no need for attitude and that I could call back later. All I did was to ask her the name of the company she's calling me from!!! I hang up furious, and I call back and I ask to the person who answer again what's the name of the company. She wouldn't give it to me!!!!! Don't answer this number, don't give any info. It's freaking 9 am and they call me and wake me up for this f****ng s***! B*****ds. They need to stop harassing people.

    2. Alfredo says:

      I called back and cussed them. Sales.

    3. Darwin says:

      Do not hang up on this call. Our records indicate you do not have health insurance...

    4. Wes says:

      I received one call and tried to call back and said could not be completed as dialed.

    5. Carson says:

      Call it back and press 2....to have number removed.

    6. Miguel says:

      Called my cell number and work number, said i committed fraud and that i will go to jail, loss my job and great credit history.......I've tried calling the number and it rings busy......he said is name was David Anderson from Cyber Fraud Investion......This is really scary as he has my last four of my social and cell number.......Sounds like he is the one committing the fraud........

    7. Terrell says:

      They keep calling looking for a certain person and I keep telling them that they have the wrong person.

    8. Josue says:

      I reported this scam to the Texas Legal offices of Dean Malone. I spent over an hour on the phone trying get information on who was wanting money from me. They told me they did not have that information. But when the go to the court on Monday to serve me. I will get the papers. I don't believe they can serve me in Texas from Michigan. And secondly, when does a laywer or investigator stay on the line for over an hour for a supposed debt of $300.00?

    9. Cyrus says:

      That is what this bi*** is doing to me now! im blowing her phone up i paid my money now she wont send me my letter! hung up on me and wont answer! they all are rude and nasty they should be shut down!

    10. Preston says:

      got a call from number and caller id states US Army Ft.Campbell but when tried to return the call said it had been disconnected. Not two seconds later the same number showed up and it was my daughters friend which is military so i guess it has to do with it going through the military lines is why it is stating diconnected.

    11. Gregory says:

      I get 15 to 20 calls a day during the week from 2 or 3 different numbers. I don't answer them, but I am harassed morning noon and night until 9:30 or sometimes as late as 10:00 P.M. I have registered to have the calls blocked but they keep comming. Today is Sunday and I have gotten a call from Dytel again.

    12. Truman says:

      Home protection service. Creepy sounding man calls every single day.

    13. Samuel says:

      They being calling me for a very long time, a lady is asking me to deposit $169directly to her account number or shes gonna take me to court and charge me $700for fee I ask her for her number and she say, she can't give me her number for safety issue, I need help on this I never heard something like this

    14. Conrad says:

      Caller Dwayne (303) 440-0674 phone up asking for full service?I told him that he had the wrong number, then the ass hat starts screaming like a little girl.What a clown?

    15. Cleveland says:

      It's silence or a disconnect every time I ANSWER...anyone else getting this or know who it is?