402-659 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Arnold says:

      said they were from 1st fidelity asking for info

    2. Armand says:

      Sojustfound outthisnumber is a scam. they areclaiming to be doing a sweepstakes and selling magazines in the process. reading other websites theycharge you 68.00 for 3 magazines and most people have never received them. Now my son has holds on his accounts and has to go into thebank and close out all of his accounts. Do not give any information block this number if you can, he said they sounded so convincing!!!!!

    3. Earl says:

      Its a junk call - when you call back you get a fax tone. We are on a junk call list. Someone we gave our number to sold it.

    4. Buford says:


    5. Terry says:

      This clown likes to book gay massages through craigslist and then not show

    6. Preston says:

      cookies and lemons are good.

    7. Shaun says:

      fake person. chatroom fiend

    8. Tuan says:

      Home loan modificaation solicitation

    9. Lavern says:

      I received the same message today 3 times. Sep. 24th

    10. Mac says:

      Multiple calls DAILY, EVERYDAY... Please stop them

    11. Royal says:

      REceived phone call from this number347-793-2757. Lists as from New York, hung up , no message on machine.

    12. Elbert says:

      I am getting the same phone calls. Any idea?

    13. Geoffrey says:

      I get calls from this number, I answered the call once and a lady said that I owed $500 to First Premier Bank from a credit card. I replied that I don't own a credit card from this Institution that they have the wrong individual. She asked that I provided her with my social security number and I refused and instead asked her to provide me with the soc sec number they had on file, Right after she handled the phone to a Manager (male) who kept insisting that it was me who called, therefore, I am the person who owes the debt. I replied that he should get his facts straight and stop calling me. These people could be fraudalent

    14. Tony says:

      Tipsters from the latest online derby but I cannot just trust this person unless he provide his real identity.

    15. Tyron says:

      Woman says she is from Pinnacol and is wondering if one of their injured workers has been seen at our acupuncture facility. Looking for a patient named :Machaela Cain or Machaela Justice Advised this woman we had no patient by this name. I asked if this patient claimed to be seen by us, she said no and that she was wondering if Machaela had been seen here. I then asked if she was just calling all the acupuncturists in the area (Colorado Springs) to see if this person was seen by an acupuncturist...she said yes. Bizarre call. Woman then called again right after I hung up and started her schpeel all over again asking for Machaela... I told her I would look into it and call her back. She had no extension, just a direct line 303-835-3724.