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  • 361-594-5680
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    1. Ross says:

      Charles is harrassing me through text messages.

    2. Emory says:

      Got a call from this number 3 times within 45 minutes so far this morning--they aren't leaving a voicemail--I don't answer any calls I don't know.

    3. Sol says:

      Andy for a auto loan that I never applied for.

    4. Antione says:

      I keep getting this number on my cell phone too.  I may call these people back to have my name and number erased from there database! I heard that its a telemarketer trying to get people to sign on with them to lower their debt.

    5. Jere says:

      Keep receiving text messages from this number

    6. Reuben says:

      Automated spam call about home security. Responded, spoke to rep, told them to take me off their spam list. Asked them where they got my number, but they hung up... scum.

    7. Joan says:

      I received like 7 texts in a row it wouldn't stop I had to turn my phone off.

    8. Al says:

      Says his name is mike gets info and no shows

    9. Jorge says:

      This company called and tricked my daughter (who is 13) into giving out a private number of a relative. If anyone did actually somehow owe this collection agency some sort of debt, do they really think their actions will result in a successful debt collection? They did not identify themselves or their intent to my daughter, who is a friendly trustful person by nature. They apparently can not stoop too low. :/

    10. Duncan says:

      Phone call from this number. Did not leave a messge

    11. Robin says:

      Its a fake. He will ask you to ship to the following address: 52 Arolauhun St, Onipanu, Lagos, Nigeria. +23401 AVOID!!!

    12. Isaiah says:

      This # called my home-office line over the last 2-3 days.  I finally answered and it immediately transferred me to a message that repeated every 10 seconds or so: "All of our representatives are busy, please hold for the next representative." or something of that nature...

    13. Galen says:

      This man posts on Craigslist "free haircuts" to gay men. Seems really shady to do something like this online. This man is also married. People should stay away from

    14. Lyman says:

      All of my phone numbers are on the DO NOT CALL LIST. I got a call anyway. Shove your alarm up your arse!

    15. Damion says:

      yes i have been getting many calls today, i havent answer them i dont know who they r and i wish they would stop... they dont leave a message they just hang up.. i am on the do not call list..