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    1. Anderson says:

      get 5 or more call from this number a day saying i am being sued if i dont pay and that a cop will show up and arrest me if i dont.

    2. Brooks says:

      Got a call from this number today and it sounded like and man from India.  He said he was calling from India and said Obama gave my name to him to help with my credit cards. He said he just had run into Obama in India and Obama told him to call me.  I asked which card and he said my Visa and Master Card.  He asked my name and I asked him why he was calling me if he didn't even know my name.  He proceeded to ask me how big my boobs were and for fun I went along with him with a bunch of garbage!!!!  Then I asked him to tell me about the info on the credit cards and he said never mind that you've got me all horney now and then I hung up!  It was fun to mess with him just to teach him a lesson but I think I messed up because he "liked" it!!!   Oh well, maybe the calls will stop.

    3. Jae says:

      Listed as spam on outline call websites.

    4. Shane says:

      getting unknown phone calls ,need to know who is calling

    5. Roger says:

      want to remove advertising fax numbers , unable to clear them!

    6. Philip says:

      Call coming from wolverine Wisconsin. Calling at all hours of the night.

    7. Gale says:

      This has happened to us several times at the office.  Each time we try to do the validation process but won't let me continue until I answer yes to questions I would never answer yes to. (Like saying yes to charges I am not authorizing, just to continue with validation.)  Seems to happen more and more frequently.  They get angry and yell at you on the phone if you don't do what they say.  Hang up.  Don't answer.  Try to block the number.

    8. Ahmed says:

      calls over and over again.at least six times a day.

    9. Cruz says:

      Timewaster. Will give you directions to his house, then won't answer phone. Loser!

    10. Rich says:

      I get calls from this number. They hang up when I answer.  Tried to call back and get a busy signal.

    11. Johnathon says:

      They've called my work number twice in the last two weeks, first asking for my wife by her maiden name, and then asking for my wife by her married name. They're trying to collect a debt from a book store because the book store shipped "promotional, trial-period" material to my wife after she moved and when it wasn't returned, they charged her for it.

    12. Van says:

      no answner, no msg. How can I avoid this number also?

    13. Matthew says:

      They texted me a request to sell my truck to them that they found on kijiji.ca!  here is the email returned to me but the phone number is the number they texted me from!

    14. Jerrod says:

      Called claiming to be tech support for Windows, company called Soft-tech. SCAM! Please don't fall for this. They try to get you to go onto a website to download a program, NEVER DO THIS! Their caller info was blocked, and they gave me this phone number to call back after I lead them to believe I was falling for it.

    15. Collin says:

      This is span, it states that you have been selected for a free medical alert system and that you are to press the number 1 to get your system. But if you press 5 you are supose to be removed from the call list. Pressing 5 does not seem to work, they keep call. Only way is to block the number. It's from a diabetic association.