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    1. Dannie says:

      Called again, didn't answer. Called back this NUMBER, it was a recorder. Scam

    2. Tracey says:

      I posted my home for sale on craigslist and got a call from this company saying they were DC By Owner and a woman named Estella gathered info about my condo and they was going to transfer me to her "Supervisor". I stated that if this was asking for money I was not interested, she proceeded to transfer me, but instead chose to hang up. Be mindful to ask questions before giving out too much information. I have asked to be removed from their phone contact list and we shall see what happensCaller: Direct Connect By OwnerCall Type: Telemarketer/Scam

    3. Omer says:

      never answer tell caller I MOVED ON!

    4. Jefferson says:

      They keep asking for someone else. MY home phone # does not belong to that someone. They said, they have a alternative number. They why in the hell are you calling me and harassing me!

    5. Donovan says:

      Their website seems to look legit but they are very good scam artists...especially that big bald headed man who speaks like he's sincere in helping people...he's a joke!  No wonder why no hair grew in his head....he's a full of !@!@*R%.

    6. Jamar says:

      This phone # shows up several times a days, and answering the phone merly ends the call. No message on voice mail; noone speaks when call is answered, but in an hour or 2, the phone will ring again, same #.

    7. Nick says:

      Calls everyday on my cellphone. Recorded message, offering a home alert system. Obviously some sort of scam, because one time, I answered and there was no one on the other end. I did not hang up, though. Eventually, the line went dead. Very, very annoying.

    8. Gregorio says:

      Someone talking in spanish.

    9. Jon says:

      After numerous requests for this business to stop calling, I registered an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.  You can do that on-line (by accessing the FCC web site) or by telephone at the number listed on their site.  The Energy Reduction Group representatives will tell you they are exempt from the National "Do Not Call" registry, and that may be true.  However, I received an informational sheet from the FCC which indicates that because Energy Reduction Group's name does not come up on my caller ID (instead, I get an "Unavailable" designation when they call), they are breaking the law.  Additionally, the FCC telemarketing regulations clearly state that the business making the calls must provide a phone number at which they can be reached by a consumer interested in reaching them.  I attempted to return a call at the number on my caller ID and received a recorded message advising the number "could not receive incoming calls."  When I got another call today, I listened to the entire message which offered an option to speak with a representative.  I selected that option and was connected to a person; and I advised her that I had filed a complaint with the FCC and the reasons for doing so.  I'm hopeful I won't get another call from them.

    10. Melvin says:

      I answered and no one was their.

    11. Ernie says:

      They called me and asked for Jose. I told them it was a wrong number and the lady said "Ok sorry for the call" click~

    12. Joel says:

      Rental scammer. Took my deposit and is NOT a landlord. Saw ad on Zillow. Called what turned out to be a spoofed phone. Gave personal information and took my deposit. Do NOT fall for it. Worse than that, my SSN will surely be used for fraud. Protect yourself and AVOID these scammers!

    13. Jordon says:

      they are very rude hung up on me several times wont let me speak to a supervisor have been harrasing me calling me brother in law, sister and i keep telling them they have the wrong social security number

    14. Monroe says:

      Spam sales call, Troy, MI

    15. Myles says:

      Same this this morning.  no message, no sound, nothing.