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    1. Merlin says:

      Ditto. Just started getting calls daily. Answered once and no one was there. Thanks to all of you that have taken action as I do not have the time or energy right now

    2. Tyrell says:

      Advice for everyone-keep track of the phone calls and messages (if you have a cell phone they usually give you a detailed monthly bill).  If you have asked them to stop and they don't-Immediately contact the FTC and your states attorney general.  Submit your phone records as prove-be a little hard for them to dispute with evidence.  If you live in the state of ohio you can even record the messages they leave on your voice mail and submit those as evidence.  They are not permitted by law to discuss your situation with anyone other than yourself or your attorney.  If done properly this can lead to a class action suite filed by your states attorney general or a lawsuit filed by yourself individually.

    3. Kirk says:

      I too am getting calls from people telling me I am calling them repeatedly and I am not.  My number is the same as their's but my area code is different.  The company is Grant Funding Services and it is a scam.  Have you had any luck getting this problem resolved?

    4. Ellsworth says:

      This is the third time they called mii they need to quite

    5. Bert says:

      I called this number back and an automated system picked up. It appears to be spam

    6. Ward says:

      greg is a great guy he got me for $250. on a green dot money pak  on f350 crew cab

    7. Carmine says:

      Repeated calls from this number, did not answer, no message left.  When I called the number back, message says leave your name, your number, and the reason you are calling.  I did not leave a message.

    8. Adan says:

      Said he was from Maryland, usa. Present for his dad...yeah, right. Are there any real buyers for vehicles?? All I've gotten were scams! Exactly how do they scam you though? Still trying to figure it all out, but I am onto this number.

    9. Ricky says:

      This number and variations suck as 23 vs. 22, etc. are coming from a website that allows the sender (whose cell number has been blocked) to send text messages, photos, etc. via his/her email address. Although the sender's cell number has been blocked, the messages still get through because the sender is basing the msg on their email address and not their cell number.

    10. Kim says:

      Leave voicemail please....

    11. Paul says:

      spammer from a fake online school.

    12. Blair says:

      30 calls in last two days; most hangups. Offering $2500 line of credit or credit card.

    13. Lou says:

      Get the same call as everyone. 301-059-4744 Mine come about every other day. Don't know how to report it or to whom to report it. Any suggestions anyone?

    14. Antonia says:

      gotten called 3 times on my cell phone. they leave a 4 sec msg but it sounds like its one of those auto recordings. I have since blocked it on my cell phone.

    15. Gerardo says:

      These people are unbelievable. They call sometimes 20-50 times a day. You can barely understand what they're saying.