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    1. Gavin says:

      They are texting me saying hey baby and saying Iam your stalker and that we are going out

    2. Lawrence says:

      Same as Andrew - no message left.

    3. Lowell says:

      I HATE these people! HATE THEM!

    4. Bertram says:


    5. Armand says:

      First recvd a call from an unknown number at 1:20pm today, didnt answer and no vociemail was left. Then at 1:21pm I recvd a call from this number, again didnt answer and no voicemail was left.

    6. Valentine says:

      Some thing about home security

    7. Eldon says:

      I received one call, I'm just curious and I would like to know who the person is!

    8. Frederick says:

      They call way too often. They are also rude. I think they actually believe that this is a deal. They talk to me as if I am crazy for passing it up. This is annoying.

    9. Tod says:

      Unsolicited loan programs

    10. Dino says:

      Just FYI, this number is from Sprint order support in reference to an online order I placed. Not spam...

    11. Giovanni says:

      I have noe received 4 calls from this number on my cell, it will ring twice and then stop. I attempted to answer it once, but there was no one on the other side and then the line was disconnected. I have never attempted to call the number back because I have heard of scams where they can access you're account if you do. No voice mail is ever left as the line disconnects after only 2 rings, regardless if I answer it or not.

    12. Lauren says:

      i ve had this number and a few others call my cell phone non stop since the day i activated and got a new number .... i even called one of the numbers back one time and a lady answered and said i never called yur number .. so i told her umm obviously you have or i wouldnt have your number to begin with and the number called me at all times ranging from 1pm - 4am

    13. Omer says:

      let the following message: Please call 877-853-3641 we have 2 gift cards for you

    14. Shon says:

      Did not answer due to repeated calls from that number & I have never received a voicemail.

    15. Humberto says:

      they asked what state our HQ was located in. That is all, then said thank you and hung up. :>) Yes, a funny call.