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    1. Brain says:

      I have been getting numerous calls from this number today, they had my first and last name and the last 4 digits of my credit card number. They said I would be getting a package in the mail containing "a coupon for $120 worth of gasoline" (I don't even own a car!) and some brochure about what else I can save if I continue my subscription, What subscription?! Apparently I have a 30-day trial for this "service" (I asked how I got this, and he said I was a preferred customer at some stores), at which point in order to cancel, I have to look in this brochure for a number to call. I tried to cancel right over the phone just now, but I could not. After reading his script to me, the guy was going to transfer me to "Verification" where I was going to be asked my full name, address and probably other crap. I hung up on him.

    2. Asa says:

      "Erase your credit card debt...."

    3. Palmer says:

      Very shady be very careful

    4. Clayton says:

      They called again and again, these CRIMINALS were blocked!

    5. Gabriel says:

      Got the same call from this number. The caller had a foreign accent. When I asked which company he was, he simply hung up.

    6. Julius says:

      Got a call from this number a couple minutes ago. Called it back and someone answered "hello" instead of a business

    7. Randell says:

      Don't know what or who this is.

    8. Rocco says:

      This is the Adrenal Fatigue Institute.  Selling their products.

    9. Tuan says:

      They want me to give them my credit card numbers i refused n im reporting them

    10. Rogelio says:

      I got a call from this number, too; it did not leave a message, however, but I was able to call back and tell the representative to remove my number from the calling list.

    11. Sandy says:

      says disconnected when i called back

    12. Guadalupe says:

      i got the same email for steve raymond its got be bs let me know if you actually get ahold of anyone lol

    13. Lowell says:

      these numbers are usually used by VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol services such as Skype and are virtually impossible to trace as the calls are actually orginating from an IP address, then being converted to a sort of phone number.  So in till there are law requiring companies like Skype to force users infomation to be transimitted to call ID, I'm afriad we will just have to live with it.

    14. Dusty says:

      the company is BCR Collection agency

    15. Harlan says:

      Recived a txt reading 'I guess some of my coworkers were at the game sat'