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    1. Malik says:

      Whoever was on the other end was on the line for 7 seconds and then hung up. I want an app that destroys these people!

    2. Kirby says:

      I have been receiving harrassing Phone Calls from this phone for over a week! There is a police report filed with the Police Station.

    3. Mckinley says:

      Guy named "Bob" called, left message on my voice mail, said he was interested in my business and that he had some questions, asked to call him back at 270-596-0584.

    4. Ray says:

      Tried to sell me insurance wanted my name bank acct etc.. told them to mail me info so I can do research cuz I never heard of them and they hung up on me scam!

    5. Kent says:

      I recieved a text from this number in the from it had 385 7, infomo@myvzw.com/ / Notice: Issues Found On Your Central MasterCard. I have no such credit card. Please Call 13035780902! I found this site, mrnumber.com and looked up the number. Also, I called the number and They have what sounds like an official recording asking for your credit card number first. So they have changed the format probably after reading feed back on this site and others. The premise of what sites like yours are trying to do is noble but I hope you realize that the people behind these scams also have access to your site and can read our feed back and then tweek their scam until it works.

    6. Wayne says:

      I get calls from this dude once or twice evry week. I don't answer because then he will know it is a working cell phone. IF YOU DON"T CALL BACK AND IGNORE CALLS IT WILL EVENTUALLY STOP!!!! JUST IGNORE THEM!!

    7. Emanuel says:

      I just got a call and didn't pick up. No message.

    8. Chung says:

      I received a call this morning at 4:04 A.M. Since it woke me up, I assumed it was someone wanting to pester me. I did see comment this was from 911 dispatching. Investigate please!

    9. Josh says:

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    10. Devon says:

      this is good to read - i am anxiously awaiting an $85.00 purchase to arrive.

    11. Hollis says:

      Hey u have juswon 100$ gift card

    12. Michale says:

      tiffany called from this phone number which has to do with debt (I have none except my mortgage and one cc i pay off in full each month), she was rude and when i called back several times she repeatedly hung up on me.

    13. Dennis says:

      ROBOCALL from affordable payment systems a credit card processor

    14. Basil says:

      Unsubcribe Line. They Call if you had your information taken off sales Lists.

    15. Nathaniel says:

      Calls girls over doesnt answer