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    1. Cary says:

      how to make more money recording.

    2. Adrian says:

      I received a phone call as well from a man with a heavy eastern accent.  They said that I had an outstanding loan with them, that I never received and they said that if I didn't pay the money right then and there, that I would be arrested at work the following day.  I did apply for a loan like a month ago, but like I said I never received any money.  He didn't have any acct information but had my personal information.. I don't know how they got the information.  But I've reported a fraud claim with the district attorney's office and I'm going to further investigate this situation.  SCARY STUFF!!!!!!!!!

    3. Antione says:

      They just called here too asking if anyone had diabetes and also asked if I had a dog, then hung up! Really kinda scared me. Wonder if they are planning on robbing people or something??

    4. Sean says:

      Don't know but they advertising!

    5. Bud says:

      I also called the number back like LKH above & recording said the call was in regard to a previous business matter.  It offered to put my number on the 'do not call list', which I did.

    6. Carson says:

      I live in TX and received a recorded call in Spanish from this number. Do not answer!

    7. Amado says:

      I just this minute got a call from this same number. A man with an Indian accent told me that his office had been receiving error messages from my computer and warned me that someone had been downloading internet material onto my machine. He said I was in danger of having my system crash or that the system will start to run slowly. At first I was concerned because I just bought this computer two or three days ago and didn't want anything untoward to happen. But then a little bell went off in my head! When I told him that my computers were brand new, he hesitated for a minute. Then I asked him if he was a representative from Microsoft and how he got my phone number. He immediately hung up. I Googled the number from my caller ID and found this website. Apparently these guys pull one scam after another. Beware.

    8. Fredrick says:

      How is this legal!? 20 textss in 1/2 hour!!!: gecu@mail.com: gecu 2011/ Hello. My name is Angela Smith from GECU. Please call 1-(207)-514-0247

    9. Napoleon says:

      I got a message saying I won a $1000 gift card and to go to WalmartShopClub to claim my gift.  Not even going to try it, too fishy.

    10. Thurman says:

      Received text message at 0349 AM. Not a happy person to receive it this morning and have to pay for the text. Someone needs to take care of them.

    11. Emmitt says:

      I got 58 calls in one night. They just call and hang up

    12. Wilfred says:

      Did not answer at work but I want them to stop calling

    13. Ricky says:

      WASHINGTON DC, no message left

    14. Leonard says:

      spam. calls early in the morning and doesn't leave a message. then I called back and hear and automated message asking me to leave a message. the FTC needs to get a handle on aggressive spam callers.

    15. Jerald says:

      This number calls me several times a day , I finally answered and asked them what they wanted ? The guy was foreign and I could not understand him hardly at all ! I asked who are you , he told me a financial crimes investigator ! He asked me to verify my social security number , I told him NO I will not give out that information , he hung up !