336-238 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Julius says:

      I received a call from this number today. It appears to be a scam.  Said they were Customer Affairs affiliated with some federal regulations

    2. Denver says:

      Got a text that said "hola Andrea". Don't know anyone in KS, and I got no response when I asked who it was.

    3. Elias says:

      They called me at my work number yesterday and said they were trying to lower my interest rates. When I said that this was a business number and asked for a website, he told me

    4. Derick says:

      Obviously a telemarketer --- he will be sent to the telemarketer's nightmare.

    5. Elbert says:

      Keeps calling and doesn't leave messages.

    6. Thomas says:

      It's a scam. And all their threats are false and illegal.

    7. Amos says:

      I haven't contacted it, but this number was given to me from a website for a person looking at our quarter horses for sale. His name he gave me was ken.

    8. Ronald says:

      Got text message: You have been randomly selected for 2 tickets for a limited showing of the new Beatles movies! www.beatlesmovie.net/?id=kbcyfccrfyVERY annoying. I don't have a text plan and have to pay for this scam.

    9. Dong says:

      Someone called and said they were David from FEDEX and they have a very very large package and if someone will be home tomorrow at 11:30 to accept delivery. I asked how big and they said it could be a car inside. I told them to go away

    10. Palmer says:

      Wont stop calling. Very annoying

    11. Porfirio says:

      recorded message about foreclosures.

    12. Sol says:

      To Heather & other victims of this nonsense-

    13. Karl says:

      # 980-236-0088 no messages

    14. Eugenio says:

      Remote call. Recording tells you that they are the Dept. of Revenue and NOT to hang up. No one ever comes online. EVER! A quick search on the internet, and it shows up as a FRAUD and or Fishing call. DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR INFO EVER!!! I did a further investigation, and there is a scam going around using whatever State you live in ... 'Dept. of Revenue' as their cover. Yeah, Right! Don't be fooled. If it were the Dept. of Revenue they'd send you a letter!

    15. Antone says:

      Automated message from Heather at account services to lower interest rates.  Press 1 to talk to some one and then they ask for all your "information" Scam call to get personal info.  I thought these people were gone already.  Reported number to Do Not Call registry