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    1. Dante says:

      This is possibly a VoIP phone located in Chicago, IL.  It is most likely an on line pharmacy scam.

    2. Asa says:

      a message was received from this number

    3. Efrain says:

      Don't be so surprised to learn that it is easy to get your credit information from your bank/credit card company/or your credit report.  Agreements are in place with your bank/credit card company/credit reporting agencies to get your information for a fee.  Anybody in business can pay to get your credit report which contains your name, address, phone number (have to pay extra), and the last four digits of your credit cards.  When you go buy a vehicle from a dealer, they get the same type information.  

    4. Barrett says:

      This number has been calling my cell several times today I don't answer it why is the "No Solicitors"  block not working????

    5. Kip says:

      I received SMS from them saying they are looking for shoppers to get paid to eat & shop! Pay up to $50/hour. For current jobs Call 1866-749-1023.

    6. Bryce says:


    7. Jefferson says:

      You are pre qualified for mortgage adjustment

    8. Kyle says:

      I am getting these calls every day.  The guy sounds foreign.  I have asked that he put us on their do-not-call list, and he said that it is his duty to call me and that he will continue to do so.  I said he is harassing me, and his comment was "who are you?"  I told him a private citizen that doesn't want unwanted phone calls.  He said that he will continue to call and started arguing with me, at which time, I hung up.  WHat's the use of a Do Not Call Registry if you still get these annoying calls?

    9. Jarod says:

      received 8 calls from this company so far today... female said her name was Jan (heavy arabic accent), another female Kim (heavy arabic accent), and the rest were a male sounded like same one each time (heavy arabic accent) said they were from Customer offers .... calls started from 8 am got calls from same company from other numbers.. total calls from this company from all the numbers they called me from 32 so far... they keep telling me they will remove my number.. but as soon as i hang up with one rep they call me from one of the other numbers with in 5 minutes calls stop for about half an hour then same numbers keep calling me back.. sick of these calls..when they call they keep offering me info to go back to school or loans... i dont do any of this stuff on line have 4 great colleges in my area and lots of local banks if i was going to do any of this stuff...

    10. Ferdinand says:

      This is a debt collection agency out of Champaign, Illinois

    11. Geraldo says:

      I received 2 texts from this number within minutes. The first simply said, "Hi". The second was extensive gibberish (it looked like computer code) with several intermixed emotes.

    12. Mike says:

      do not pick up the phone I don't understand how this person get my number??

    13. Cliff says:

      I received a check from them with the same instructions as comment above. Really stupid. I hope no one falls for this. cash crate/ mystery shopping solutions. Send to Renee Gay in Colorado. yeah, right.

    14. Hiram says:

      Calls and doesn't leave message

    15. Milo says:

      I'm done he very disrespectful