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    1. Joaquin says:

      got a call tonight at 730 pm...same thing...just hung up.  I called back and it was either busy or kept ringing.

    2. Jeremiah says:

      My cell phone rang and I did not answer it. I tried calling back "number could not be completed as dialed" not message nothing. I will my cell company would stop giving it out to people.

    3. Granville says:

      Same kind of call as the below. "My name is Alex, District Manager at PSX (or possibly PSS) Incorporated, and I am in charge of expansion. Your number came across my desk as looking for part time work..." He left the follow number of 314-828-8341.

    4. Gregg says:

      I dont know who it is she keeps callin

    5. Milan says:

      Anyone know what these losers stand to gain by calling our phones?  They're not on the line when I pick up and they don't leave messages.

    6. Earle says:

      i don't recognise this no. calling me again n again.

    7. Byron says:

      Had a missed call on my cell with no message

    8. Hilario says:

      Keep text me i told him to stop

    9. Ronnie says:

      These are Spanish sale teller marketer

    10. Otis says:

      I had the same situation as yours.

    11. Ervin says:

      Received a call at 555am from Tracy saying that she was an assigned mediator of the court for the UDM attorney network. And my case had been forwarded to her for final evaluation, and if i didn't call her back in a timely manner (so we could get together prior to a costly court case) that she would have to tell the courts that I opted out of mediation and chosen the decision for a costly case.

    12. Enrique says:

      He is.a douchbag Who thinks he knows everything about me and my husband when he don't

    13. Darell says:

      She sent me a text about winning a Target gift card. You must enter to win and I never entered. I also believe that Target would send their own emails and NOT depend on a woman in Los Angeles to do it for them.

    14. Herschel says:

      Same thing, didn't hear it ring, and it left no message.  Probably a bot.

    15. Vicente says:

      This number calls my phone every morning while I'm at work. They never leave a message and when I call back there's always a busy signal