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    1. Carey says:

      I continue to receive calls from this number.  Have never heard anyone saying anything.  Can't someone put a stop to this?

    2. Barrett says:

      Yes and started to get nasty.

    3. Amos says:

      yes they call from this number twice a wk and when i call back no answer

    4. Kenneth says:

      Do not call unless it's an emergency or for do work thank you

    5. Jackie says:

      O.K. This is the deal. They are not Con Ed, they are not National Grid. They are a company that is trying to change who delivers your power. Your bill will still be with Con Ed but the other guys will be part of the delivery. They pretend that they are part of a government program. They talk about deregulation as though it is some new government discount service. They make you think that this has something to do with FEMA. They make you think that you are entitled to a discount. They are deceptive. They are liars and it's a disgusting business. Call Con Ed and National Grid and have them freeze your account so that they can't change your delivery service.

    6. Reggie says:

      They called asking to speak to our IT Dept.  We are a small company with no IT Dept., but they couldn't understand that concept.

    7. Lesley says:

      They called 3 times today. 3 Times.

    8. Rudolf says:

      Offered ways to make money

    9. Emery says:

      Keep a detailed report of the number on the caller ID and the exact time they call. You can go to the FCC website and file a complaint. They can find out who the number really belongs to and can fine up to $1,000 for each time they call a number on the Do Not Call Registry. You can also file through your State Attorney General. In most cases, you can get paid $1,500 for each time they have called you if he / she is willing to prosecute for you. It's part of a consumer protection act.

    10. Ariel says:

      Repeated calls from this number asking to speak with someone in charge of marketing.

    11. Rodolfo says:

      same thing here a man called with such a bad accent that I could hardly understand him said there was a lawsuit pending for an account we never had.

    12. Herbert says:

      Forgot to mention. If anyone receives such calls, please report to the local police department under "Verbal & Mental Harassment". Also you can report it online to FTC Bureau of Consumer at the following link:https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en

    13. Bennett says:

      A recording comes on with a woman's voice who calls herself Linda. She says she's from Capital One and has special offers to tell me about. Will call over n over n over. I don't know how my cell number was given to these people

    14. Brendan says:

      Dawan turner he prank calls From different numbers

    15. Luis says:

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