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    1. Herman says:

      Called, voicemail "left" but it sounded like a call center before they hung up, no message.

    2. Walter says:

      Didn't answer. Left empty voicemail.

    3. Irwin says:

      This numbers calls frequently, asks for the parents of (my daughter) and will not identify themselves. They hang up when questioned.

    4. Mickey says:

      I answered and the person started exsplaining something about high electric bill. financial assistance and then asked if I paid over $225 a month. I said "No Thank You". End of call

    5. Dominick says:

      Any attempted contact from this number or numbers that are not saved in the subscribers Contact List have been marked as Spam and are unable to be sent to this number or any email address(es) associated with this account or subscriber.

    6. Keenan says:

      I have been receiving calls from this number everyday this week. The man has a foreign accent & he's telling me that I have against my name & ssn. He tells me that I have borrowed money from different loan companies & I have not paid them back. When I tell him to send me proof he tells me that someone will be @ my residents in the next 2 hours with a subpoena & I will spend seven days in jail.

    7. Logan says:

      Claim your walmart gift card...etc a load of crap!

    8. Wilbert says:

      He was calling to see if me ir any family member been in an accident. Or if I had received a mesh transplant. Scam artist.

    9. Neville says:

      Angie's list telemarketing, trying to try out their marketing services for businesses targeting consumers or their members

    10. Carmine says:

      I kept getting calls from this number with no voicemail. Finally, I called back and the person said she was from Diversified Consultants in Jacksonville, FL. She claimed I was turned over to collections from At&t (I have an agreement with them that they verify). Even though my phone number now is completely different, somehow she knew who I was. She kept trying to talk me into giving her my debit, credit, or checking account number to her to "pay off my balance" and I kept telling her I didn't have anything on me at the moment (I lied, oh well. I won't give a stranger my info) and she kept trying to talk me into paying. She went so far as to ask me to call my bank conference call and ask for my account number with her on the line! I said no and hung up and contacted the BBB because I've read numerous complaints about this supposed company.

    11. Russel says:

      Unknown. Picked up phone no conversation

    12. Roscoe says:

      Received a call but no message left.  Don't know who it is.

    13. Otha says:

      yeah they do the same with my post in craigthlist

    14. Damon says:

      Weirdo.. Don't know who this is!.. ><

    15. Lucius says:

      Starbucks customer appreciation! Go to