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    1. Charles says:

      This number calls on average 6 times daily, I do not answer.  It freaks me out each and every time I see the number.  I too wish it would just stop.

    2. Archie says:

      Have no idea who this is. Got a busy signal when I called back.

    3. Norman says:

      Three calls from this number at the same time in the evening.  It's a marketing company which mirrors MLM schemes.

    4. Aurelio says:

      Missed a call and didn't leave a message. Lots of posts about this number being spam. Going on my blocked list

    5. Ronald says:

      I just recently got Charter so the other users are probably right. Also, no one said anything when I answered

    6. Duncan says:

      This Number calls me twice a week and they leave no message..

    7. Romeo says:

      I have just received a call from 1000123456, I also looked it up on GOOGLE something about skype, and their dummy number. I did not answer and they did not leave any voice message. Just twenty minutes later I get another call from "unknown" number again no voicemail.

    8. Wilbur says:

      They left a message ... Woman identified herself as Ann Williams and said we spoke on the phone about lowering insterest rates on my credit cards. She said that this would be the last courtesy call and for me to call 1-877-723-1423. This is definitely spam.

    9. Johnathon says:

      some type of insurance sales.

    10. Brady says:

      ignore calls from that number

    11. Dino says:

      I left last comment but for the wrong phone number

    12. Burl says:

      claim to be process dept threatening legal summons

    13. Julian says:

      This idiot left a message at my place of work (fed govt). They are so dumb thinking that giving themselves English names they would sound legitimate even though their accents are clearly Indian/Pakistany.  The first time it scared me quite a bit but then looked up the number and found out what was going on. I cannot wait for them to call back and have my "lawyer" speak to them. This is going to be great.

    14. Bart says:

      Shawn Welsh, my name is Jason, and I assume your with this fake company, so I ask why not post a Tax ID Number? Heck why not even post your collection Id Number if you have one, I happen to work for Discover Card Collection, so I wanna see if you even have that number

    15. Bobby says:

      207-221-3257 This number texted me today stating that they were going to close my account. They said from Butte Community Bank. Which anytime my bank which is not this one. usally sents me a snail mail. But never contacts me any other way. And when i looked up the number their from Portland Maine, Im from California, Even if they had a corpet office their, the local should be the ones to handle it. But again they always send it via snail mail.