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    1. Eliseo says:

      Calls & machine hangs up upon answering.

    2. Buddy says:

      Some school tha I don't want to attend

    3. Mike says:

      I live in Rhode Island and got the same call about A&G Chimney cleaning for $69. They said they were located in Coventry RI but when i looked in the phone book and bbb listing there was no record of this company is RI.

    4. Milford says:

      I didn't take the call because I don't know anyone in area code 105 - where is that anyway?

    5. Gaston says:


    6. Scot says:

      Same as above. From number 360-529-6130. 3-22-2012 twice so far today. I would love to have "their" home number.

    7. Jeff says:

      f you're interested in checking out this total loser's ads on CL just type his number in. He's screwed over many unsuspecting craigslisters, including me! He goes buy many names. Lately he's Mr. Deneli and Vinnie. Steer clear of this vulture on society. His real name is Denny Dicapo and he is a LOSER!(248) 979-0228

    8. Eugenio says:

      Found this number on my caller id.

    9. Graham says:

      They don't leave a message or say anything.

    10. Hosea says:

      They claim to offer medical insurance and a gift card to cover the cost of $ you need to send them for the "free" gift you just won because you have to pay the taxes.  Oh and by the way they only except money orders. We never received anything and they keep calling for the money we "owe" them. The person that called us was Laura Gutierrez and a couple others, she was the only one that would give me her name, and when I asked to speak with a manager she said they don't have managers. Really? Then not even a minute later I get a call from her "manager" and they are the definition of RUDE! They threatened to sue for the money "owed" and I told them, please send me a letter so I can sue you for harassment!  and Hung up on them.

    11. Jaime says:

      I keep getting calls from these people. They are trying to sell me pharmaceuticals.  this has been going on for years. No matter how many times I tell them to stop calling. They continue to do so. They will never stop.

    12. Taylor says:

      Clearly this is a fake number.  Got a few calls from this number and no one has ever left a message.

    13. Damien says:

      i left a message to call me back and they did they told me that I won a gift card to wal-mart and I would have to pay for the shipping and handling and they would need a creadit card number to bill it to and I told I didn't hav one sothey asked for a bank account number and I told them no.

    14. Dalton says:

      If you don't answer, they don't leave msg. When you call back, it automatically asks that you hit a key to be on do not call list and then sends you to a busy signal.

    15. Salvatore says:

      this number came up on my caller id.