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    1. Rusty says:

      This number has shown up on our phone several times but they never leave a message. Since the number does not show a listing except "Important", you don't know who it is. It is more than likely either a scam or people looking for information.

    2. Mason says:

      Very noisy in background. Caller ID comes up Brownsburg, IN - thinking it's same as 317-286-2437 - charity work. Of course, they can only talk to the person with "authority" to take your name off the list. What a bunch of crap.

    3. Noe says:

      Call from this number and others from all over the US daily. Nobody ever says anything. When I try to call back, the numbers are blocked or come up as nonexistent.

    4. Randal says:

      Stacey who is in litigation with Rene West concerning 82 Comstock.

    5. Lance says:

      my number is on the no call register but I'm receiving bizarre text messages from this number.

    6. Bo says:

      if they are calling your cell number have it blocked thru that instead of do not call.

    7. Irwin says:


    8. Ike says:

      I recieved a call from this number this morning...it sounded like there was a pause and then telemarketing noise in the background and then a very strong abusive male voice came on the line saying "I'm gonna f*** you" and I thought I didnt hear them right so I asked them youre gonna what? and they said have you got something wrong with your ears? and reapeated it again. I said I'm gonna call the FBI and hung up and they tried to call me again 3x in rapid succession. I did not answer. I have reported this to local authorities.

    9. Buddy says:

      I have recieve numerous calls from this number. When you pick up no one's there. Annoying.

    10. Cary says:

      don't speak english- I keep getting calls like this from various numbers- the man has a heavy accent and I don't understand what he is saying- i got a similar call from white plains and ca and this time it said westbury in the caller id

    11. Jordan says:

      I got the same call from the same apparent number (800) 000-0000 and the recorded voice said, "At Verizon, we care about you.  So thank you and have a great day."  

    12. Raleigh says:

      It is a scam to try to get u to redouse your intsest rates on your credit cards

    13. Steven says:

      yep, same here...received a call from this number 2 times in a row.

    14. Lowell says:

      Rude telemarketing. Contrary tocaller ID (intl food service) selling safelight glass. They hung up on me while I was talking. Called back and got fax.

    15. Anthony says:

      Who is this? They call my house all the time and don't leave a message.