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    1. Marcelino says:

      Prank caller. Called late at night about an item on craigslist.  Said a bunch of stupid stuff then burst out laughing at the end.

    2. Hal says:

      A card holders services is driving me crazy. They must be stopped along with all their annoying roborelatives.

    3. Calvin says:

      First call, no voice at the other end.  Second call, a fax machine was beeping in my ear.  Wasting my time and interrupting my customers.  UGH.

    4. Mitch says:

      just a got a call from the same number, this guy is a Fu@&!ng wierdo.

    5. Rupert says:

      I have gotten SERVERAL calls from this number! How do you get them to stop?

    6. Eddie says:

      They call every 5 minutes all day long! Im tired of it! If I answer they will either hang up or theyll stay on the line and I can hear voices in the background..like a call center. Ive tried calling back after being fed up and it says the code you dialed is incorrect. Stop calling me!

    7. Duncan says:

      Dont buy anything from this ppl, 209 898-6235 with this number on Craigslist, they are scam... bought metro phone, they give me runaround for two weeks and now stuck with phone.

    8. Colby says:

      text messages say that i won $1000 Best Buy card or credit or some such

    9. Jude says:

      What a great idea!  I will start using that one.  Some guy called from Indiana wanting to discuss my book - He wanted to promote it (after we got further along in the conversation).  I told him I had no money, did not really care if anyone read my book, and I was terminal with only two months to live.  He gave me a second 800 number to call with his extension if I ever wanted to talk.  I turned both numbers in.

    10. Billie says:

      has anyone received calls from this number?  Caller ID shows West

    11. Santiago says:

      I do not know this person

    12. Joshua says:

      no caller id no answer.  did not leave message

    13. Tommie says:

      I got a call today from an unknown number.  A man with a very thick Indian accent claimed that he was calling from Windows support and that my computer was sending out signals that it had some dangerous viruses.  If I was near my computer he could help me clean it up.  I told him that my computer is fully protected by Norton but he insisted that these are viruses Norton would not pick up.  I told him what he was saying did not sound right and that I needed to verify the call, could he give me a number to call.  The first number he gave me was 44 20 32 39 66 60 which I told him was ridiculous and not a real number.  Then he gave me 800-22 40 20 which I informed him was also wrong because it was not complete.  The last number he gave me was 1-209-779-5007 which he said was their U.S. support line.  I immediately googled this last number and found myself here.  Thanks to you all for posting.

    14. Isidro says:

      something about lowering my credit card interest rates, I have no credit cards so i hung up. they have called 6 times since then

    15. Gonzalo says:

      Got another phone call from a number that I don't "know" or recognize. I didn't answer, but looked up the number here. They left no message. I am on the National Do-Not-Call List, and have been for over a year now.