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    1. Scot says:

      Got three calls from +1400490029 today, i didn't bother to pick it up coz i dont recognize the caller. Please find out who he is and where the hell he is from?  Thanks....

    2. Adrian says:

      don't want any contact with this person ever

    3. Russell says:

      He or she texted me come on then random letters

    4. Earnest says:

      This number has called many times. Caller ID says "unknown name". It's a San Antonio area code, but I still don't answer because I don't recognize the number. They never leave a message and just hang up when the answering machine picks up.

    5. Orval says:

      THESE PEOPLE ARE NOW Calling my cell phone.

    6. Cleveland says:

      Buffalo, NY.  Called Wed, 6/13, 4:00pm.  Caller ID showed 'INCOMING CALL."  What?!

    7. Renaldo says:

      This number was registered to my company Rapid Systems Solutions, an aerospace engineering consultancy. We are no longer the registered user of this number and it has been removed from our website. It appears that the number is being used by an insurance company. More information can be found here:

    8. Martin says:

      Pranks calls all night long. Rude, refuses to identify himself. We can't figure out if it's a bill collector or just some lonely dude trying to get his thrills. He talks about balls a lot and never stops running his mouth until you hang up...and then he calls back.

    9. Andy says:

      Good Sam trying to get me to renew my membership

    10. William says:

      got this message at 9:53am PST. unknown person.

    11. Brant says:

      He sent me a text after I signed up for a babysitting site asking me to babysit. He asked me to email him, so we have been exchanging emails. I am growing suspicious of his emails and wanted to find out information on him. He said he is coming to this city for work and needs a babysitter for about 5 months. When he offered to pay in advanced for part of the fee, I began very skeptical. I checked out the company he worked for, and it seems real, but it still does not seem right. Does anyone else have info on him?

    12. Clay says:

      He asked me how i was doing and said i had participated in a job survey online. Then i blocked his number.

    13. Reinaldo says:

      Got a call today. They hung up when I answered.

    14. Ken says:

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    15. Gordon says:

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