323-201 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Titus says:

      Public opinion poll, free cruse.

    2. Valentin says:

      Text says "You have been signed up to receive text message communications from Wichita, Text 'STOP' to unsubscribe" Funny, I did not ask to be signed up for anything.

    3. Kieth says:

      Spoke in foreign language, then three beeps.

    4. Jordon says:

      Received a call today from 209-349-3113.  The indictated they were from Goodman Law Firm.  John Smih and Ray Carter were the names used today.  They indicated they were a government department.  In which I relied - funny I work in the government arena - I don't recognize that department.  Then the disclosed they were a law firm.

    5. Denis says:

      If this was an alternative energy company don't you think they would leave a message? What good would it do for this "company" to make tons of calls and not leave a message, that's just bad business to start with and after that being said who would want to use them with a faulty track record to start? . So, you beleivethink it's a company on the begining end of a scam. So, you beleive what you want I'll remain skeptacle of ALL calls unless you can who my freinds are then I'll be screwed

    6. Demetrius says:

      this person called from this number and was harassing me. stay away from this creep. he was also sending me crazy text msgs.

    7. Brice says:

      I got the same call, however this person was selling Pomeranians.  She gave a story of her daughter was killed in a car accident and since she is a volunteer for WHO, she would have to sell her dogs.  Sort of strange?

    8. Raymon says:

      I do not want this coming thur at all.

    9. Willard says:

      1-206-203-4163 repeated calls from this number with a recorded message selling something. I want them to stop. These calls eats up my cell minutes.

    10. Dante says:

      from 302-504-8621 "hey Jeffery I really like ur F.B. profile! plz add request me on SKYPE* lala_1231 so we can chat. ;-) Jenny"

    11. Kieth says:

      Education circle spam blew up my phone as many as 6 calls a day.

    12. Cornelius says:

      Received this call today, person left no message.

    13. Virgilio says:

      Got a text message advertising 1000 free Ipads 3 to test and keep. Asks you to go to their website and enter a code word. Looks like if I enter the code word they'll take that as subscription to their service and start charging you for interactive sms service.

    14. Daron says:

      Was sent a text from this number with the message "call me". Not anyone I know, so I think it is spam.

    15. Elmer says:

      Constantly calling and does not answer. Disrupts my children's nap times and my work calls.