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    1. Dwayne says:

      Received two calls in a row from this number. I turned off my answering machine once I saw the number in my caller ID and they rang back right away. They rang the suspicious amount of four rings and I called the number back with my ID shut off, no sound nothing. Scammer for sure.

    2. Erick says:

      Been getting these calls. They leave message sometimes on my voice mail, as I am at work. Am on no-call list, but it does no good.

    3. David says:

      yes and they never leave a message at all

    4. Darrell says:

      Just got the call today. He called 3 times, yet when I dont know the number I never answer my cell. Decided to Bing the number and see the other comments. I also live in Hawaii

    5. Emile says:

      Constantly call & never answer when you pick up the phone. Anyone know?

    6. Reynaldo says:

      11:14am. I missed the call, no voice mail. I called back and it was some operator recording saying the number isnt a valid number that i dialed. weird. this happened this morning oct. 25th at 11:14am. It was my cell phone. My iphone logged the number, and location as montgomery west va. I'm in florida lol.

    7. Orlando says:

      Don't want to receive asks from it

    8. Gus says:

      MAN WITH HEAVY ACCENT CALLED MY CELL PHONE FROM THE ABOVE NUMBER. Each time it's a differnt person identifying themselves from "USA Finance" stating it an auto loan approval but I never applied. I decided to go with Life Lock to protect my information but I'm also calling the NYS Atty Generals office to complain.

    9. Damien says:

      Oh for pity sakes.................this number calls at least twice a day, morning, noon and night and even after 8:00 p.m. enough already. Can't anything be done about this???

    10. Enoch says:

      Numero de extrocionadores, perece ser de otro país, puede ser Guatemala, llaman a México.

    11. Rich says:

      Yes, this number Texted me saying following> love ur FB profile! plz add request my skyp.e.. -- queenofnite24 so we can chat. < 3 Jen

    12. Kirk says:

      I have been receiving calls from this number as well. Very frustrating. Anyone had any luck getting them to stop?

    13. Ned says:

      They call me every morning, i told them i wasn't interested and they still call trying to sale the paper. A must block!!!

    14. Otis says:

      I got this call (Davis C) tonight at 7:25, I'm glad I wasn't home or I might have answered.

    15. Isaiah says:

      Called my home 2 days ago now they're calling my cell phone...not cool! Blocking! The do not call list is ridiculous! I will report this number to the FTC later on my computer!!!