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    1. Dwayne says:

      Received two calls in a row from this number. I turned off my answering machine once I saw the number in my caller ID and they rang back right away. They rang the suspicious amount of four rings and I called the number back with my ID shut off, no sound nothing. Scammer for sure.

    2. Erick says:

      Been getting these calls. They leave message sometimes on my voice mail, as I am at work. Am on no-call list, but it does no good.

    3. David says:

      yes and they never leave a message at all

    4. Darrell says:

      Just got the call today. He called 3 times, yet when I dont know the number I never answer my cell. Decided to Bing the number and see the other comments. I also live in Hawaii

    5. Emile says:

      Constantly call & never answer when you pick up the phone. Anyone know?

    6. Reynaldo says:

      11:14am. I missed the call, no voice mail. I called back and it was some operator recording saying the number isnt a valid number that i dialed. weird. this happened this morning oct. 25th at 11:14am. It was my cell phone. My iphone logged the number, and location as montgomery west va. I'm in florida lol.

    7. Orlando says:

      Don't want to receive asks from it

    8. Gus says:

      MAN WITH HEAVY ACCENT CALLED MY CELL PHONE FROM THE ABOVE NUMBER. Each time it's a differnt person identifying themselves from "USA Finance" stating it an auto loan approval but I never applied. I decided to go with Life Lock to protect my information but I'm also calling the NYS Atty Generals office to complain.

    9. Claud says:

      Had the samething just happen to me for 53 cents.. what the Hell is going on... Im wondering what was it that we all bought online that they got our card numbers, it had to be something i purchased online...

    10. Emery says:

      I got this call on my cell. Total scam, I called back and he started talking about f***ing my sister, wow total tools.

    11. Damien says:

      Oh for pity sakes.................this number calls at least twice a day, morning, noon and night and even after 8:00 p.m. enough already. Can't anything be done about this???

    12. Enoch says:

      Numero de extrocionadores, perece ser de otro país, puede ser Guatemala, llaman a México.

    13. Doyle says:

      called then hung up called 4 times after i would not answer

    14. Lowell says:

      I got a text from 315-366-8095 on 11/15/11 and it said the following: " Thank You For Being a BestBuy Customer! Enjoy a Free IPAD2 Today for Our Customer Appreciation Day. Visit www.bestbuyday.tk When I tried the website my browser told me this was some type of malware! BEWARE!

    15. Abe says:

      this hq for windows problem they want access to computer to fix an issue in windows. bogus