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    1. Jamar says:

      this Number Has Been Calling Me Non Stop All Day Plz Help Me All I Hear Is Numbers Dialing In MY Hear

    2. Sid says:

      Called cell phone, didn't leave a message.

    3. Adrian says:

      Timeshare Additional Time Scam.

    4. Billy says:

      called back. number not in service

    5. Renato says:

      Just got a call by a man saying he was a family member and was from Mexico. Kept saying how I had forgotten about him. I said I didn't know anyone by the name. Guy hang up. Scam 101.

    6. Danial says:

      This number 209-266-2669 also called me on 10-07-2013 and told me I would be arrested if I did not show up in court the next day. So I told Mr. Kevin Mason that I've never received a loan and I would have my jag lawyer contact him!!! He hung up on me so I kept trying to call back multiple times and he wouldn't answer. So what should I do?

    7. Kenny says:

      "The Credit Union Center Alert" Your card has been DEACTIVATED. Please call 219-655-8904. I got this text. My card is not linked to my cell phone!

    8. Cole says:

      This was the 3rd text in a series of three strange texts I received one after the other. Each were identical with the exception of the number that supposedly sent them. There were no words in the texts, just a Download button. Of course I didn't click it, but instead went on the web to look up the number(s). Seeing this one not listed yet, I figured I should report it/them. The three number that text'd the same thing to me, all about one minute apart were: 1st - 253-709-7129 ('real number' according Mr. Number) 2nd - 971-263-2696 ('fake number' according Mr. Number) 3rd - 253-677-8376 ('real number' according Mr. Number) I will report them individually.

    9. Kent says:

      Call every day. Never leave a message on recorder.

    10. Bobbie says:

      This person keeps calling & i guess they forget how to speak!

    11. Cortez says:

      Caller ID says "Texas" and gives the number. If you pick up and get a person, they will try to scam you in any one of a variety of ways from selling various services to threatening yuou with debt collection. Report them to the FCC, Federal Trade Commission, your own state Attorney General's office and the Texas State Attorney General (not sure how much Texas will actually try to shut down a business, even one that is grossly dishonest).

    12. Garland says:

      This is a Indian Man that goes by the name of David Parker. He is pretending he is an attorney. Do not give him any information. THIS IS A SCAM!!! He leaves threating messages. That he is collecting a debt. But he will not give any information. I alearted the authorites.

    13. Daniel says:

      Willie Henson 2516106936 and has been haressaing me

    14. Ulysses says:

      There's a do no call service for a small number of companies that call consumers, just send an email to service@callerhelp.org with the caller's phone number (to confirm it's on their list of phone numbers) and your receiving phone number (to have it removed) and it will work to stop the phone calls.

    15. Gaston says:

      got the same beep, beep, caller ID says Washington call, annoying!!  All hours of night.