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    1. Tom says:

      Text told me to call 1866 number to claim gift card

    2. Maria says:

      Got two calls on my answering machine identifying himself as "Logan Stone", which did not match his accent (Indian subcontinent). Message was for an individual who's last name matched mine but the wrong first name. Threatening tone of the voicemail telling me that if I or my attorney of record did not return his call, he could only "wish me good luck and it would fall very poorly upon me."

    3. Dick says:

      recieved a call lastnight at 11:34pm. I called back today didnt get an answer but the voicemail said Brittany.

    4. Don says:

      Called me all drunk wanting to f***.

    5. Keneth says:

      I have went through the "remove my number" 3 times and they still call. At some point this is harrassment!

    6. William says:


    7. Otis says:

      These dummies keep calling me, I dont want any of their so called services! They are scammers and should be shut down! If I need money that bad, I have family and friends that can help, not these vultures!!! Die scammers, DIE!!!!

    8. Freeman says:

      block all (206) 305-xxxx and 306-xxxx numbers.

    9. Earl says:

      won't stop calling or testing

    10. Alan says:

      Yes he is a theive becareful

    11. Hubert says:

      Picked up and got Dead Air - guess there wasn't a scammer available to take my call.

    12. Tommy says:

      Keep receiving strange calls on my cell and my work number from unknown and unfamiliar numbers.  The voice on the other end you can tall is altered some way like a voice changing box and static on line.  Very hard to understand them.  They are definitely foreign.  I want them to stop but dont know how.

    13. Tommie says:

      They sent a text message with my first name and then different letters with a question mark at the end. It's late to be making them stupid texts to people. If I could shock them I would =/. Too many bad people out there.

    14. Tommy says:

      called from this number 314-263-8589 about current disability case. i googled the number and saw a hair salon come up so i called the number back and it took me to a recording for disability reports and i call 877-847-1604 a number that was given during the recording. i am not sure why i would receive a call from st louis for my case in ohio and not from my local offices.

    15. Gary says:

      Phone Number: 202-502-5346Phone Type: LandlinePhone Company: VERIZON WASHINGTON, DCINC.