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    1. Harlan says:

      I just had a dishwasher delivered from Home Depot, and the installer said I'd be getting a call to answer a survey regarding how he did. I assume this was that call, and that somehow the recording malfunctioned. No need to flag it IMHO.

    2. Philip says:

      Unwanted popup from app.How to block it texts.

    3. Greg says:

      If it aint About Myia this # dont make sense

    4. Juan says:

      Sales our bill collector...either way, I'm not answering.

    5. Marion says:

      Back line for a billing office. Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton uses their services.

    6. Dale says:

      I keep getting calls from this number but no message... really bothersome

    7. Ralph says:

      Same guy called me, my mother answered the phone and he tried to tell her I signed up for a CPAC breathing machine? I have no idea what that even is..He kept asking if I was diabetic and when my mother told him I was not, he hung up in her face.

    8. Boyce says:

      I get 20 calls a day from this number going from 8am to 10pm. When I answer all I get is air (no speaking)

    9. Les says:

      My boyfriend has so many received messages from this number and he sends  lots of replies too. Who is he talking to? Please help.

    10. Rusty says:

      Got a call on my caller ID.  No message

    11. Dan says:

      Bordering me talking stuff and not a good person also sending nasty pictures

    12. Thurman says:

      If you got a call from this number, it is the Republic Services (Trash services)

    13. Raymon says:

      lamorris...zoosk...didnt give me money for lights

    14. Giovanni says:

      This was a man claiming he was from the PA AFL-CIO in regards to the possible wine & spirits shut down /privatization in PA. He wanted to know if I wanted to support the union workers who would be affected. I said I do not want to participate. He said that's fine and we ended the call

    15. Nigel says:

      I received a call from this number this morning.  The caller told me he was calling from the United States Government and that I was entitled to receive $7000.  He then said, you must be wondering why you will be receiving money from the United States Government, well I will tell you why.  I couldn't understand him very well and there was a lot of background noise and also sounded like there were other callers in the background, and considering I'm not from the U.S., but Canada, there would be no reason for me to be receiving any money from the U.S., so I hung up.