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    1. Olen says:

      I don't like receiving these numbers.

    2. Odell says:

      got a call from this number at 7:12 p.m. Said hello and got no response so I hung up.

    3. Tony says:


    4. Duncan says:

      I received a phone call at 9:26 AM yesterday while in class. Another classmate of mine received one at 9:28. Two other classmates received calls around 11:30 and three received texts saying "Hey." and "Goodbye." We're all mildly creeped out.

    5. Ariel says:

      They called me and told me I had filled out a survey, which I did not do, and told me I had won a $500.00 gift certificate. I told them I do now want to receive advertising or calls from them, anyone with whom they are affiliated, or anyone for that matter. He said so you don't want your gift certificate, and I said I don't want you to spam me and he hung on me, and when I called back it played music for four minutes and then hung up on me. "I would like to take some of these people, put 'em on a boat, take 'em up to Bear Mountain for a picnic" (Bob Dylan). Thank you Bob Dylan for putting into words so eloquently what so many of us feel, but aren't quite able to wrap into a package of words.

    6. Caleb says:

      Got the same call id First Baptist it was recording about credit card interest rates. We've gotten one a day from different numbers.

    7. Rufus says:

      Win a free cruise to the Bahamas congratulations! Bs

    8. George says:

      Thought the call was from "Rachel" but this was an entirely new telemarketer for me.    Blocked it with my Panasonic phone.   It blocks 30 numbers.   Yesterday I deleted 6.  Now have room for more.

    9. Brendan says:

      this moring got one call and it said i won $1000.00 gift card from wal-mart my sister got one from the number 949-466-4029 said the very same thing, this is not the first time this has happen to both of us and different family members! i'm sure the other times has been different phone numbers!

    10. Wade says:

      I received this text on Sat. Sep. 22 at 11:00 AM. This text message from this number (314) 629-3985. They asked, "Hey [name deleted], not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes, but www.[--] is giving away free e-cig trials. Tom."I don't know where they got my phone number, as I am on the national Do Not Call List. I complained and reported them today. I don't like crooks contacting me.

    11. Leon says:


    12. Luigi says:

      Telemarketer from General Electric

    13. Shaun says:

      I got this call too.  When I refused to confirm my name to him he said " I don't know whor you're hiding from but have a good day."  Give me a break.

    14. Dudley says:

      It was a text saying i won something. I dont even know how they got my number

    15. Dominic says:

      Has a connection to Jason Yokom - Stay Away, for your own good.