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    1. Bradly says:

      have asked to stop calling after they was supposed to help get a car and didn't happen but won't stop calling so I have blocked the number.

    2. Enrique says:

      Received call on cell phone first then on landlineover the past two days. they leave a piece of a message something about stimulus offer before the billing period expires. Doesn't sound like this is a nonprofit or political call that escapes the protection of the Do-Not-Call registry.

    3. Cleveland says:

      Called here... left no message on voicemail.

    4. Cedrick says:

      They keep calling and don't leave a message. When I do answer there is no one there!

    5. Alex says:

      They wanted donations to stop Obama care. If I had the entire $250,000 to give them to run their ad I would have. Obama care is ludacris. Why do you think the government are the only ones exempt from it? All they do is take from the man who's collars blue. The rich stay rich, the poor freeload, and middle-class pays for it all. Thanks America for re-electing the worst president in our countries history.

    6. Brain says:

      Trying. To get a hold of sombedy else. SPAM

    7. Ulysses says:

      Best buy thanks you for your recent purchase. ..

    8. Loyd says:

      This number asked me to vote for..two people...when asked who are they? and what party?.. R or D ..He said he did'nt know..LOL..call is suposed to be from Endocrtne socie..

    9. Clinton says:

      sounded like someone was banging a trash can and then started speaking in spanish.

    10. Horacio says:

      bruhh i like my phone number!!!!!!

    11. Cristopher says:

      After receiving several calls from this number, I looked up online. Some sources say it's "THE GEM GROUP, INC." others point to "AMO Recoveries, Inc." Anyone knows who they really are?

    12. Vito says:

      I also got the "you have reported have problems with your computer" explanation. I told him I built my own computer so I never complained to a manufacturer or my ISP about it. I asked where he got my name and phone number and he said "an internet database". I asked which one and he deflected and said "when people complain about their computers their name and phone number are entered in a database". He asked if my computer was running slowly or if it had a virus (no and no) but instead of answering, since I knew he wouldn't give up where he got my number, I told him I had to go. He said he would call back, but I'm going to save the number and mark it as spam on my phone and have it go directly to voicemail instead of ringing.

    13. Nestor says:

      got a call at the house 6:35 pm 6/1/10.

    14. Victor says:

      same as Jon on 1/13 @ 5:50pm.  from "Patti"

    15. Emmett says:

      This number keeps calling me i dont know who they are they say call them to settle this case out court i dont have any idea what they talikg bout