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    1. Hugh says:

      I also just recieved this phone call years after it started. It is a scam about how this person on the other line can tell my computer and it's Windows has errors he can recognize. I called BS on it and the Indian/Pakistani gentlemen hung up immediately. The phone number is also a 105 area code. The number was 1-105-277-2106. You cannot call the number back. And doing an internet search brings up absolutely nothing. Who are these goons. Contact me at: revolution84@hotmail.com. This occurred today on April 29th 2012, more than several years after this scam has started in both Canada and in the U.S.. I believe someone knows who and what is behind this invasion of privacy and IMO it is not about Windows and computer problems, they are looking for something else.

    2. Berry says:

      Somethin about a gift card couldn't understand cause he didn't speak good English

    3. Ivan says:

      got the same call last night. tried calling back 1 i never give out my home number and it is unlisted and two they new my name i don't any online shopping or anything so really wierd

    4. Ernie says:

      Ineed someone to call me as soon as possible Thanks SANDRA 270 363 2127

    5. Gordon says:

      scam saying my check cashing loan has been approved

    6. Silas says:

      Called my cell, no caller ID no message.

    7. Felton says:

      Trying to sell time shares

    8. Austin says:

      caller id: unknown name. answered phone; a man who said he was fund-raising for the Missouri State Troopers Association. I had previously checked on this organization and found it to be highly suspect. I told him to never call again and hung up on him.

    9. Miguel says:

      m from Macedonia, i recieved a phone call from +10023200100, and they told me: we are calling you from the future and gave me instruction what i have to do

    10. Miquel says:

      Crazy leave me alone.....

    11. Everette says:

      Constantly calling I don't know this person

    12. Cristopher says:

      They call several times a day, all calls are automated, so I have no way of telling 'them' they are calling the wrong number.  I don't know how to stop the calls.

    13. Jasper says:

      chow you are not right ...i know these people are not from microsoft but resolve my all computer problem..i paid them 399usd

    14. Ken says:

      Just Got A Call from This Number it Is  BB&T Bank Card , They Keep Calling For Someone Who Does Not Live Here   And have been Told Many Times,  Guess its Time To Get An Attorney !

    15. Glenn says:

      suspicious wrong number repeatedly calling