315-560 Check Owner Of Phone Number

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    1. Chauncey says:

      WCA subscriber services, for special magazine subscription offers.

    2. Jeffery says:

      Same as last guy. Got a text from them wanting me to call them at @Bremer bank. Didn't bother. SPAM

    3. Christopher says:

      I think these people have their companys mixed up. There was a Justin Jones (homes and land direct) out of Palm Harbor that was scamming people using this type of phone call / investment / land sell deal. I think they should look back at their records.

    4. Son says:

      I received a call this afternoon, 1-19-10.  The caller would only speak to my husband.  I said he wasn't available and I didn't know when he would be.  Told him we were on the do not call list.

    5. Jay says:

      This is MI HealthCare Collection company calling you.

    6. Jonathan says:

      angie's list. Sales call.

    7. Jordan says:

      Said he is in U City off North and South Rd. Used the named Charles.

    8. Grady says:

      she is crazy and isn't allowed near me or able to contact me for any reason

    9. Mariano says:

      I received a text from the number: 512-123-3743 and it said to call 1-407-900-2578. Nice try but I know it's a scam. If you get a message like this, just report it and delete it. They can get your info and sell it, creating more unwanted phone calls to your number.

    10. Antwan says:

      Local call asking for a person in life. tried politely to ask who is calling, May I take a message? Did not get thru the message...as he said no, thats ok and hung up on me... called the # back and it is a automatic message????? Called Info and it is a Non Listed #, Reported it to DNC listing

    11. Bob says:

      Just got a call. I let it go to voice-mail and only several seconds of nothing at all were recorded before they hung up...must not be very important.

    12. Darryl says:

      This number has called several times this week. No one speaks, after a good five seconds or more a recording says 'Thank You'... most annoying. I have reported to the DNC list, hopefully it will help.

    13. Lazaro says:

      I got a call from this number five minutes ago. A man's voice recording said I had been chosen to participate in a political survey. I hung up. I keep getting this scam call once a week, everytime from a different phone number.

    14. Grover says:

      Got a call on my cell - NO MESSAGE

    15. Calvin says:

      "A friend sent you a hot auto quote." Then a link.