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    1. Dorsey says:

      Called 10 minutes ago, left no vm

    2. Michel says:

      And why do people get so freaked out about people who don't like to be spammed or scammed?

    3. Barney says:

      I got a call from the same guys telling me i got a grant from the red cross for 5200,  but they needed a deposit through western union for $184. then they said that they messed up on my middle name on the file, and could not access the grant money, but for $368 they would try to access it again. by this time I knew something was wrong. I am embarrassed to say that i did send them the 184. and that was definitely not money that I could afford to lose. I really wish that i had looked up the number before I went to the western union. PLEASE DO NOT give them anything! I am so mad right now!

    4. Calvin says:

      We keep getting calls from U.S. Loan Advisory. They want us to give them info on our current home loan and if it a VA loan. We told them we are on the do not call list and they say "so". What kind of company expects business from consumers when they have such rude reps working for them? They call back and say, "expect more calls". We told them to cease and desist, so what do they do, they call us daily and their phone reps say rude things to us and hang up on us. We called the police dept to file a report for annoying/harassing calls and have documented a legal complaint. Telling them to buzz off won't help - they just keep calling. WE DON"T WANT THEM CALLING ANYMORE!!! AND WE HAVE TOLD THEM TO STOP CALLING US. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Any takers out there for a class action law suit? Please contact me.

    5. Rubin says:

      They called and wouldn 't say anything when I answered.

    6. Lacy says:

      crazy asking about toe nails.

    7. Garland says:

      started calling me on new years day... hasn't stopped yet.. one call in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night...

    8. Joe says:

      getting 15 calls a day and no one is there

    9. Jimmie says:

      I just received one as well. SPAM!!!!!!!!!

    10. Earl says:

      One call and it was a recording in Spanish. And the number is not in service if you try to call it.

    11. Luis says:

      it wont stop texting and calling

    12. Stacey says:

      Sexual content, nude photo. what an idiot!

    13. Ferdinand says:

      Same deal.  Same indian feller.

    14. Rocco says:

      Is Glenn the first or last name? Not much help. Can youtell me more?

    15. Monte says:

      Caller ID shows 'Plant Test ME' but caller is from a company called Everest Merchant Services that does credit card processing. The callback number they gave is another cellphone with a Manhattan area code.