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    1. Fredric says:

      Why is byrider calling me? Id never get ript off like my buddy did. They are no good. High interest. Crappy cars. Poor shop.

    2. Alexis says:

      Yes I am Angela, it was me you talked to, Im not sure what is going on but I also received a call from a man saying that he too got a call from a man saying he was an attorney from the credit bureau. I am in the process now of changing my phone number because it seems that somehow my number has been hacked.

    3. Nickolas says:

      I received a phone call from WCA Promotions on my home phone (land line), the phone number was 302-394-6906. I did not answer and there was no message left. When I called the number back there were strange noises, then a recorded female voice said I had been selected to receive 2 $25 Walmart gift cards. Then continued to give a number to be connected to a representative. I hung up. I have no Idea who these people are or what they want, but I want my number removed from their data base. This was a spam call and I want them reported and I want it to stop, NOW. I will file a complaint with FCC. I have already done so with another of these useless phone thieves. I will not be harassed in my own home.

    4. Jack says:

      They call just about once a day to verify the mailing address and today they called and wanted to put me on hold. Don't answer.

    5. Emmitt says:

      One call was froma woman one from  a man both usedthe last name of Smih.  They had heavy arabic accents claiming to be from some lawyers office.  I kept hanging up on them bu they are relentless and keep calling back.  The even leave voice mail messags when I don't answer.  They threaten legal action if they are not called back by either me or my attorney.  Nothing seems to scare these people

    6. Oren says:

      Luster Kourtni -225-931-4887 unknown caller; no message.

    7. Joshua says:

      This number calls daily-at least once. Never leaves a message.I answered the call today, and a female voice asked for my wife, by name.I responded that she was at work and the caller disconnected.

    8. Sherman says:

      OMG he is so dam good in bed I wanna have his baby

    9. Mike says:

      I get calls from this number all day long.  They can go from between 5 minute intervals between calls to 45 minutes between calls.  They always go to voicemail but the voice mail is only 2 seconds & they fill up your mailbox so no one else can leave a voicemail that is of some importance.  It is not only annoying, it is called harrassment.  If anyone knows who this number belongs to, I would love to know & report them.  I have the proof of the times they have called to provide validity to my claim.  As I am sure other people have the proof also.

    10. Reyes says:

      Need to get all incoming and outgoing call history for the past 4 months of my mobile number.

    11. Theodore says:

      Sandra Cordova from Hobart Indiana keeps calling my husband and harrassing us on a daily basis.

    12. Dale says:

      I called the number back and the woman said that she was from the purple heart and said that she would be in our area next week and wanted to know if we had anything to pick up.  She wanted my address, which I did not provide and said that she would call me next week.  she did not leave a message the first time she called either.  The caller I.D. said Donna Smith.

    13. Sidney says:

      Called my cell phone. Didn't answer it

    14. Jefferey says:

      "hello , you're looking good these days , you ll see my newpicturres in my profile feelingg00d3 at evolve.com , we can meet up if u like"

    15. Dalton says: