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    1. Dean says:

      On a Saturday, I got a phone call from 209-898-7655. It was from Stockton, CA Location: (Lodi, Merced, Modesto). The person called from a police charity. Not sure how to get rid of them. Does anyone know how to get rid of them and have them stop calling me?

    2. Terrence says:

      What, does he think we're all stupid? Like I'm going to give him private info over the phone. Was beligerant and repeatedly called back. We ignored the call. Nukbner search came up with address but no company. Be careful.

    3. Reynaldo says:

      Don't want to receive calls or texts from this number

    4. Bo says:

      No Estamos en Casa estamos en casa de Mark

    5. Mckinley says:

      These guys are telemarketers, calling 10 numbers at the same time.  If I pick up after 2 rings, there's usually nobody there.  If I do get someone, they ask for the owner of our company.  There's never any message if he's not in, and they call at least 3x per day.

    6. Charles says:

      Just a missed call but did regester to tuxedos recently

    7. Herb says:

      I also recieved a call from this "Sandra McPhereson" I finally called her back after seeing these replies.  I told her I did not have an interest at this time and she gladly accepted that answer from me.

    8. Kim says:

      every one reading this page needs to get Google voice.  You can use it to block numbers and all sorts of cool things.  That is the only thing that has stopped most of the calls I have been getting that I dont want.  It will also let you record calls.  Every one needs to check it out.

    9. Hoyt says:

      name is tony -police lies and said mark. DNS

    10. Sam says:

      received a call from this number. know someone in that area so i called it back. got an automated voice that started rambling off some other numbers for and extension. i hung up didn't make any sense all of the numbers

    11. Noah says:

      xTykPj <a href="http://zawvazszrvzh.com/">zawvazszrvzh</a>

    12. Dallas says:

      i got a call just five minutes before

    13. Simon says:

      This number 161 9001390 called i could here background noise but had no response then the muppets hung up

    14. Hosea says:

      talking dirty and harassing people

    15. Aurelio says:

      books fake appts all the time several times out the week Every Week. Always asks about 2 hour appts and "cocktails" He just likes to waste your time.