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    1. Manual says:

      Got a phone call from this number. No message was left.

    2. Kip says:

      A guy a sucked off at the glory holes

    3. Noel says:

      I have gotten about 20 calls from this number over a 2 week period. They never leave a message and have called after 10pm.

    4. Hilario says:

      Got a call sounded like a white male. Said there were court discrepencies that needed to be discussed. Said there was a $35 parking ticket from 2008 that went unpaid and needed to be taken care of. I didnt have a car in 2008 so i asked who they were tryingto contact and the man said actually it is a ticket for being too dumb to drive. At that point i hung up. Kinda freaky!

    5. Chris says:

      Some lady trying to get personal info from you so they can spam you.

    6. Hal says:

      Yea they called my cell 5 times today while I were @ work.

    7. Lyle says:

      This number is a friend of a girl named Julie who texts guys for her to make sure they are not talking to other women.

    8. Freddy says:

      if u r a loved one or looking to hear abt confidential opportunity.press one to b removed press two.

    9. Mary says:

      NOW CASTING Movie Extras, Actors and Models! Any Location. Up to $300/day.Call 877-627-7687Reply STOP to Stop

    10. Arron says:

      i got a call from this number and called it back and cant be completed call

    11. Bill says:

      Don't know who this is...

    12. Lucien says:

      hi, your PF was kinda cute if u want to chat u can see my PF at: (

    13. Gregory says:

      This guy has a mid western accent (talks like a cowboy), he is fishing for information in a creepy way, then goes on to ask if you are a home owner, and then I tell him he has the wrong number, as he tries to call one of my friends on a phone number that is not hers, and also on a phone number that is not mine!! I told him we were on the no call list, and to take me off your list, he hung up. I would NEVER buy anything form a strange man that just calls randomly...EVER, so pissed right now, the way he handled this call. CREEEEPY! I tried to call back but the line just rings and rings. I tried to call back because it was so creepy that he was looking for someone I knew so I thought maybe it could be her Ex? A private investigator? Whatever!

    14. Arden says:

      There is no message,and this is aggravating. This person has been calling since day before yesterday,and this is aggravating.

    15. Orville says:

      Zoe - like Audry I'm curious how you went about filing a claim against them.  I would like to do so as well since I too was taken.  I have left numerous calls and sent many emails but I've had no luck contacting them about the purchase I made and paid for in October 08.