314-450 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 314-450-8587
  • 314-450-8588
  • 314-450-8589
  • 314-450-8590
  • 314-450-8591
  • 314-450-8592
  • 314-450-8593
  • 314-450-8594
  • 314-450-8595
  • 314-450-8596
  • 314-450-8597
  • 314-450-8598
  • 314-450-8599
  • 314-450-8600
  • 314-450-8601
  • 314-450-8602
  • 314-450-8603
  • 314-450-8604
  • 314-450-8605
  • 314-450-8606
  • 314-450-8607
  • 314-450-8608
  • 314-450-8609
  • 314-450-8610
  • 314-450-8611
  • 314-450-8612
  • 314-450-8613
  • 314-450-8614
  • 314-450-8615
  • 314-450-8616
  • 314-450-8617

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    1. Lowell says:

      I received a call from 678 218-5789 and they just hung up on me.  I added this number to my call block list.  According to AT&T "When a call is blocked, you don't even hear the phone ring. And the callers hear a message notifying them that their number has been blocked."  This should solve this particular problem for my household

    2. Ezekiel says:

      Received call on home phone.  I ignored the call and when the machine answered they hung up.  Just wondering where it came from, didn't reconize the area code.

    3. Galen says:

      I dont feel it in my heart.. that I can be his girlfriend any longer.. I cry more..

    4. Roberto says:

      Fake car insurance company. Always call and don't leave a message.

    5. Randell says:

      This is a scam trying to get your debit card information.  It tells you due to recent scams at this bank they have suspended your card account and that you need to call 931-570-4571, when I looked up the number it was a cell phone.  The message is a computer generated voice, so don't get hooked by this scam.  And they say at the end SORRY FOR ANY INCONVEINANCE.  Like that makes it better!

    6. Rubin says:

      iChat with her and itold her i'm a baby than she never talk to me

    7. Lavern says:

      This guy has been texting me calling me he doesn't stop calling me or texting me and I told him its wrong number and he still texting so I have to block him

    8. Porfirio says:

      Phone rings, I say hello, there's a long pause, then a click-beep, then a computer says goodbye.

    9. Chung says:

      Many different #'s for this stupid company! No idea who they are!

    10. Francis says:

      i called directtv and they said this was the number it showed me calling from. my number is nothing close to this and i don't even live in the same state where this number originates from.

    11. Manual says:

      been selected for a gift....survey

    12. Edgar says:

      They are criminals, illegally & repeatedly harassing people. Asking them to do anything will only lead to your own frustration when they ignore you, hang up on you, or cuss you out.  I know that telling them what to do to themselves, blowing an airhorn or whistle into the phone, or saying you will report them will accomplish nothing satisfactory. Since they will ILLEGALLY CALL AND HARASS law abiding citizens, say whatever you want.

    13. Jamel says:

      received same telemarketing message from 312-636-8740 looked up site and found -

    14. Adolfo says:

      Received a call today at 8:30Pm when my answering machine started I could hear noise and people and after a Hello the person cut the call. I dislike unwanted calls late at home.

    15. Major says:

      10 text messages to an 89 year old woman that we very explicit in nature