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  • 313-776-5828
  • 313-776-5829
  • 313-776-5830
  • 313-776-5831
  • 313-776-5832
  • 313-776-5833
  • 313-776-5834
  • 313-776-5835
  • 313-776-5836
  • 313-776-5837
  • 313-776-5838
  • 313-776-5839
  • 313-776-5840
  • 313-776-5841
  • 313-776-5842
  • 313-776-5843
  • 313-776-5844
  • 313-776-5845
  • 313-776-5846
  • 313-776-5847
  • 313-776-5848
  • 313-776-5849
  • 313-776-5850
  • 313-776-5851
  • 313-776-5852
  • 313-776-5853
  • 313-776-5854
  • 313-776-5855
  • 313-776-5856
  • 313-776-5857
  • 313-776-5858

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    1. Earl says:

      Researched this number with this result... , "Sorry we couldn't find any results for (516) 211-8631" Looks like a fishy phone number..

    2. Carroll says:

      Usually ignore these calls, with weird phone numbers.  Picked up the phone, waited a few seconds--- said "hello" and heard "good-bye" in the same voice that is usually a navigator on gps systems.

    3. Scot says:

      they keep calling and saying nothing

    4. Eldon says:

      A person called and didn't say anything, then hanged up.

    5. Guadalupe says:

      They called me at 3:00 in the morning!!!! woke me up couldnt answer it quick enough. No message left but when i dialed the number back it says it has been disconnected.

    6. Wade says:

      No calls will be accepted from this person.

    7. Mark says:

      3 calls in 2 hours no message

    8. Ivan says:

      Same as above, word for word in response to an iPod touch ad. Sorry, Jane... not going to happen!

    9. Arron says:

      Received a call from this number.  A man said he was an investigator looking for someone named Isaac.  Weird...

    10. Luke says:

      He texts my number all the time. Even this morning. I called this number back a year ago and the voicemail I think said William but he won't answer or stop texting.He lives in Mobile, Al. I don't know anyone there. He asked my name, what I am doing this weekend, etc. Butbi reply who is this, he never answers.

    11. Dudley says:

      When I called this number back, it says "to claim your free prize" and "internet survey" 289-274-2139

    12. Arturo says:

      Specialty Travel?  I am on the do not call list.  They are getting annoying.

    13. Shelby says:

      They call and when I pick up - silence. Harassing!

    14. Gary says:

      I finally got the company's name. Believe it or not, it's: Warranty Department; at least that's how the guy answers the phone when you opt for a live person. The number that comes up on caller ID is 323-205-3182. I've repeatedly pressed their number 2 that's supposed to opt you off their calling list, yet they keep calling. Moreover,when I do the number 1 to speak with a live rep, when I tell them I've opted out (now it's up to 12 times) and want to be removed from their list, they just slam the phone down in a manner that makes that awful hang-up-in-your-ear sound. They are rude and don't care about when they call. I've had them call as early as (believe it or not) 8:30 in the morning and as late as 9:30 at night. Here's the thing that's weird. I'd swear, each time I've gotten a live rep, that it's the same guy that answers the phone. These people are not cool people and I'd love to find a way to shut them down for good... or at least get that very rude man fired.

    15. Kirk says:

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