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    1. Arnold says:

      Good point!  One of their stupid cards almost went all the way in my door.  They jam them in the window and mess up the seal.  And most people just toss the stupid cars on the ground.  If I wanted to sell my ride I would not use a business that makes money by trashing our community

    2. Nickolas says:

      I hate companies using my phone and my time to annoy me at home, if I could only reach them!

    3. Andre says:

      JAC Enteprises, Repo company

    4. Art says:

      I received a text from "Richard" today because I was selling a car. He wanted to send a certified cheque and said he would take care of the delivery of the vehicle. Once cash was in my hand, he would come get the car. I live in British Columbia and his number is from Michigan I found out from a google search, so I thought this was weird because the cars only $500. He was answering very promptly each text (there was 5-7 texts, and in one text I said I would like a call from him and he said of course he would call when he got home later). I gave my work address because I was too scared to give my home address and he said "dont u have a canada address for your home" and I said yes but I don't want to receive mail there and then this way I can go to the bank the same day. And he never sent another text. Never called. This is clearly a scam

    5. Eli says:

      Offering to help with bills

    6. Lincoln says:

      Idk who it is but Mr. Number thought it was spam & hung up on their asses! I love my Mr. Number app. No muss. No fuss. ~Happy Camper!

    7. Elroy says:

      Well just like every other 202... number it was an indian guy saying that the government is giving me $7, 800 I repeatedly tried to tell the guy first off I'm only 16 and I ju st listened to what he said as I rolled my eyes and then he gave me another number saying I need to call some one name Tohn or John... such a scam

    8. Pasquale says:

      Yes, I also was ripped off by the lift Sp product and now am getting charged under the Debt eater title.  What can we do to get our money back.  There must be something we can do since there are so many of us who have been stolen from.

    9. Percy says:

      Got a call from this number and it said I had a text to voice message and to press one to hear it. I pressed one and all it said was "Hello". Weird . . . .

    10. Ali says:

      Time waster. He verified thru work. Comes over but when it's time to pay up he tries to haggle and then leaves.

    11. Jeramy says:

      Selling credit card terminal

    12. Jonas says:

      calls all the time and hangs up if we answer but leaves message that our car warrantee is  up.

    13. Glenn says:


    14. Carmine says:

      Its a representative from AT&T to fix issues w/ landline or dsl

    15. Edmond says:

      DAM SPAM For you won an iPad