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    1. Ty says:

      a fake trip to the bahamas

    2. Myles says:

      Received message today from this number. Very lively Michele Peterson called for my adult child who hasn't lived here for ten years, saying his name came across her desk this morning highly recommended for what she was looking for. So if he was not chained to the dollar and was open to a new career opportunity, call her.

    3. Bradly says:

      Hung up right after I answered.

    4. Darrin says:

      I got the same text as Paulette

    5. Earnest says:

      Called and didn't leave any message! Lame

    6. Jimmy says:

      another energy salesman telemarketer

    7. Percy says:

      Well, received a call from this number.  The 110 is usually dialed when you want to call the US when you're abroad (at least that's how I do it).  The caller ID shows "Unkown Name," and since I don't know anyone out of the country, I didn't answer it.

    8. Reyes says:

      I recieved a call at 1:38 am, once I answered they hung up... I tring calling back and its only a busy signal

    9. Rayford says:

      Today I have gotten THREE calls from this number 210-198-4422 in THIRTY MINUTES.  These calls were in the morning 9:15 to 9:45.   My caller ID  shows this caller as "Unavailable". The first call I answered and said "Hello" twice and they hung up.  The second call I just picked up the phone and hung it up.  The third call I informed them that this was the third time they have called me and that I do no accept unidentified calls and I will be reporting them if they call me again.  I did not get to finish my statement before they hung up. I am on the Do Not Call Registry and have checked to make sure my registered phone number has not expired. I question how effect the Do Not Call Registry is and wonder if I would get less calls if I wasn't on it !!  I have started taking another way of eliminating these calls, unfortunately, it only addresses one call at a time.  I have a notebook where I have recorded the time, phone number and other info I can locate on these calls and have gone to my phone provider to put a block on these calls.  It's crazy that I have to spend my work time addressing these issues. I have found if I do not answer the phone "they" will continue to call until the phone is answered. I had one number that called me 5 times  in one day before I answered it.  I have better things to do than answer these calls.

    10. Brendon says:

      calls all day everyday saying im approved for money but i need give them money to get it... SCAM AND SPAM!

    11. Emerson says:

      Jackass that will not leave me alone!

    12. Aaron says:

      This telephone number belongs to a company called Bandwith.com. Follow this link and fill out the complaint form.With enough people doing this, at least it will put an interuption in their scamming. http://bandwidth.com/resources/legal/policy_violations.html

    13. Emmitt says:

      Called my work phone just now. No one said anything. There was just silence so I hung up. Very annoying.

    14. Sol says:

      Got a text from this number on Friday at 8:33pm to my unpublished work cellphone.  Glad I ignored it

    15. Sonny says:

      Spam credit card consolidation scam