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    1. Francisco says:

      Yeah 10 year olds never use computers or have thoughts

    2. Coleman says:

      Missed call from this nr. No voicemail left, probably spam

    3. Kennith says:

      I got a call with the automated message to the tune of 'As your a valued Canadian Tire customer, you will receive 3,000 travel dollars, press 1 to accept.'

    4. Cesar says:

      This man may be some old married geezer that once he gets ahold of a womans number, bothers her. He kept texting for me to meet him, and when I finally agreed, didn't show up & or answer his phone, & when I berated him for wasting my time, he started sending nasty, vulgar texts. He name is Karl and says he's a dr. so want to warn his patients and potential ones what he's like.

    5. Anthony says:

      I got calls for two days straight til I finally answered. I usually don't answer private calls. But I just went on and answered to see who was blowing me up. They said they work for the the government.  I had been selected to receive $7000 in a school grant. They also stated I didn't have to pay the money back. They had all my information which is crazy. I'm no fool their whole approach just didn't sit well with me. People if you have a gut feeling that something isn't legitimate. Most likely its a scam and don't fall for anything.  I hope this helped anyone whose received a call from this # 209-813-2426.

    6. Sheldon says:

      calls every day. im tired of this.

    7. King says:

      I got this call today after a home depot delivery

    8. Edmundo says:

      Sent very crude message and late at night. Will not respond back.

    9. Ike says:

      Just got a call from this number, when I said "Hello," an automated voice said, "Goodbye!" and click! When I redialed the number, I got a busy signal!

    10. Forest says:

      this number has called me more than 5 times today who or what is it can someone tell me and how did they get my number????

    11. Glenn says:

      Called left no message. 5:54PM EST.

    12. Dana says:

      I got a text saying I won a last minute entry (which I have never entered). The text wanted me to visit winnergift.net/?6924 to claim a prize. Scam? I think so.

    13. Mohamed says:

      thanks a million, shall we blowup his cell number too?

    14. Barney says:

      Received a call today, Jjanuary 28, 2011 at 6:15 pm.  Caller ID says "BCPF".  Didn't answer call.

    15. Richie says:

      They have called me at LEAST 10 times over 3 days....just hang up!