309-312 Check Owner Of Phone Number

  • 309-312-1953
  • 309-312-1954
  • 309-312-1955
  • 309-312-1956
  • 309-312-1957
  • 309-312-1958
  • 309-312-1959
  • 309-312-1960
  • 309-312-1961
  • 309-312-1962
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  • 309-312-1965
  • 309-312-1966
  • 309-312-1967
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  • 309-312-1969
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  • 309-312-1974
  • 309-312-1975
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  • 309-312-1981
  • 309-312-1982
  • 309-312-1983

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    1. Long says:

      never answer tell caller I MOVED ON!

    2. Tyson says:

      What can I do know what is the owner information of a spam number?

    3. Terrell says:

      I received call at 9.10 am CA time. When I answered they spoke a foreign language, saying my name, asking how many windows I had in my home. Told him I did not own the home, he needed to talk to the owner, he then hung up on me. Did a telephone number check on the web, find call comes out of San Antonio, Texas. People please beware of anyone calling from this number, yes they knew my name, that is all they knew about me. Do not give any personal or financial info about yourself to them. If you did not call the business yourself do not give any information.

    4. Cristopher says:

      Data mined from peoplesoft.com pipl.com facebook.com google.com and bing.com - if you don't like your public information being consolidated on these websites, stop crank calling people. I have ANI (automatic numerical identification) on my phone system. When you call from the "blocked" number, it still comes across my caller ID.

    5. Laurence says:

      I've blocked your text so I can't read them I can only see your sending them this is a programmed message

    6. Carol says:

      I keep getting calls from this number as well.  No one ever says anything and hangs up within a minute of my answering the call.  Stop calling.  Thank you.

    7. Kendall says:

      They kept calling our business repeatedly, and when we answered, they'd just hang up. I finally answered one day and didn't say anything when I saw it was them. After I sat in silence for a moment, THEY started talking. They asked for an employee who is no longer here, and I asked them to remove us from their list. I think they're auto-dialing. I'm still not sure what kind of business it is.

    8. Leif says:

      Was he talking dirty to you too I was creeped out but he called without blocking his number so I ended up getting it. I will post this perverts number on fb and let people on there deal with that creep.

    9. Amado says:

      Dude named Tony his Girlfriend plays on the phone saying he burnt her

    10. Normand says:

      I keep getting calls from this number & several other numbers with random area codes from all over the United States. When called back, they all say, "Not a working number". They called 10 times in a 5 minute period. Getting tired of this!!

    11. Eli says:

      Says you participated in an online survey and want to ask you questions. No one ever does online surveys and then gives their number out.

    12. Clay says:

      Got a call from 323-145-2562. Heavy accented man, says he wants to register my business for Google and Yahoo. Would not give me his compnay name or where they are from. He was very rude. I told him to stop calling as we do not have a business and that they call 2-3 times per month. When is there going to be regulations on these calls? This is rediculous......

    13. Junior says:

      They called after 10 pm and just listen to me say hello and took a breath and hung up.

    14. Faustino says:

      Just keep calling and hanging up

    15. Malcom says:

      I got the same text message from 315-834-2463 on the 14th. He wants to buy my motorcycle I have for sale on Craigslist. Also asked me to email him at eoericortiz038@gmail.com. Said he would pay for it with PayPal and he would make all the arrangements to have the bike picked up and shipped. Obvious scammer.